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The Lost Boys Trilogy (Blu-ray)

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Euro Price - 16.55. RRP Euros - 55.19.

  • The Lost Boys Trilogy available on November 23 2020 from TheHut for 18.10
  • The Lost Boys Trilogy (Blu-ray) available on May 05 2017 from Base for 11.29
  • EAN bar code 5051892119313 ξ1 registered November 23 2020
  • EAN bar code 5051892119313 ξ2 registered May 05 2017
  • Product category is Blu-ray Apparel

The Lost Boys Brothers Michael and Sam move to their grandfathers house in a town nicknamed 'The Murder Capital of the World.' Michael gets involved with a hell-raising motorcycle gang of vampires. But when Sam becomes involved with undercover Vampire hunters he realizes they must save Michael and the rest of the town from the vampire gang. The Lost Boys 3 As the lost boys and girls of San Cazador prepare to party under the Blood Moon an alpha vampire conspires to turn these unsuspecting ravers into an army of undead. The only thing that stands between him and the annihilation of the entire human race is the infamous vampire fighting Frog Brothers. Armed with double-barrel holy water balloon launchers and multi-arrow crossbows Edgar (Corey Feldman) and Alan Frog (Jamison Newlander) join forces to kick some blood-sucker butt in this latest high-energy action packed adventure in the Lost Boys franchise.

    ^ The Lost Boys Trilogy, Warner Home Video. TheHut. (revised Nov 2020)
    ^ The Lost Boys Trilogy (Blu-ray) Base. (revised May 2017)

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