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Euro Price - 12.55. RRP Euros - 24.83.

  • Singin' in the Rain available on May 02 2022 from TheHut for 13.74
  • Singin' in the Rain - Double Play (Blu-Ray DVD) available on June 23 2017 from Base for 8.79
  • Singing in the Rain available on March 24 2016 from Amazon for 16.76
  • EAN bar code 5051892074391 ξ1 registered May 02 2022
  • EAN bar code 5051892074391 ξ2 registered June 23 2017
  • EAN bar code 5051892074391 ξ3 registered March 24 2016
  • Product category is Blu-ray Video

Gene Kelly Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds star in the best-loved Hollywood musical ever-filled with memorable songs lavish routines and Kelly's fabulous song-and-dance number performed in the rain.

    ^ Singin' in the Rain, Warner Home Video. TheHut. (revised May 2022)
    ^ Singin' in the Rain - Double Play (Blu-Ray DVD) Base. (revised Jun 2017)
    ^ Singing in the Rain Amazon. (revised Mar 2016)

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         SINGIN' IN THE RAIN's story is well known, and concerns 1920s silent romantic acting team Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) and Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen.) Trouble is that sound is coming in--and Lina's speaking voice could peel paint off the wall. The solution? Don's best friend (Donald O'Connor) and love interest (Debbie Reynolds) have the inspiration of revamping Lockwood and Lamont's debut sound film as a musical, with Reynolds dubb..
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   First off, I need to point out that Amazon does have this odd policy of grouping ALL reviews of ALL versions and editions of a film in one place. So when a film is restored or reissued the reviews are grouped with the others. There are over400 reviews for "Singing in the Rain" here and they stretch back as far as 1998 and as recent as July 2012. Reviews are automatically sorted by the "Most Helpful" first and - while I hope you will find my review helpful - I do e..
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"Singin' In the Rain" has finally gotten the "special" treatment this masterpiece deserves. The new digital transfer is stunning-- both visual and audio. I've seen this film I don't know how many times in theatres, including several screenings in the original 3-strip Technicolor. This transfer, as with "The Wizard of OZ," is as close as you can get to seeing a 3-strip print in a theatre.Many reviewers have complained about the commentary track and it is the low-point of this e..
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