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Euro Price - 25.55. RRP Euros - 34.49.

  • Bad Education - Series 1 and 2 available on March 05 2020 from TheHut for 27.91
  • Bad Education Series 1 & 2 Box Set available on March 13 2015 from Base for 18.99
  • EAN bar code 5051561039997 ξ1 registered March 05 2020
  • EAN bar code 5051561039997 ξ2 registered September 27 2014
  • Product category is DVD Home Education

Series 1 Abbey Grove School is populated by some of the weirdest teachers you could ever meet: Fraser (Mathew Horne) the hair-brained Headmaster Miss Gulliver (Sarah Solemani) the biology teacher with a heart of gold and Deputy Headmistress Miss Pickwell (Michelle Gomez) who displays all the charm and sensitivity of a Third Reich dominatrix. Alfie’s class have been written off by the rest of the school - but Alfie’s determined to take them under his wing and make their school lives the best they can be. From disastrous parents’ evenings to cringe-worthy sex-education lessons from life-threatening self-defence classes to school elections full of dirty tricks... Bad Education is school life as you’ve never seen it before. Series 2 Mathew Horne Michelle Gomez and Sarah Solemani reprise their roles in this series. They are joined by brilliant new cast additions including Harry Enfield Samantha Spiro Greg McHugh Frances Barber and Jake Canuso. Also returning are the wonderful young comedy talent in Alfie’s class. It’s a new term and Alfie Wickers (Jack Whitehall) is back as the self-styled maverick of Abbey Grove attempting to teach his class something - anything - that requires zero effort. Though Alfie’s heart’s always in the right place his judgment is often clouded by the fact he is in reality a bigger kid than any of the kids he teaches. Bad Education series two features a swimming gala a drugs awareness day that ends in utter humiliation for Alfie Fraser staging Abbey Grove’s own Take Me Out and Joe being shot in the bum. It may be a new term but it looks like Alfie hasn’t learnt a thing but his pupils still love him...

    ^ Bad Education - Series 1 and 2, BBC. TheHut. (revised Mar 2020)
    ^ Bad Education Series 1 & 2 Box Set Base. (revised Mar 2015)

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