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Messiah: Series 1-5 (Boxset)

EAN 5051561031564
REGISTERED: 07/09/18
UPDATED: 11/20/18
Messiah: Series 1-5 (Boxset)
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Euro Price - 22.45. RRP Euros - 48.29.

  • Messiah: Series 1-5 (Boxset) available on November 14 2018 from TheHut for 24.53
  • EAN bar code 5051561031564 ξ1 registered November 14 2018
  • Product category is DVD Outdoor

With a particularly gruesome body count fantastic twists and turns and everyone a suspect Messiah will not disappoint. Messiah 1 - The First Killings & The Reckoning: A killer is stalking the streets committing chilling murders - the bodies are found with silver spoons in their mouths in place of their tongues. Detective Superintendent Red Metcalfe is used to getting inside the minds of the deranged killers that he hunts but this time Red is baffled there seems no pattern to the killer's victims and at the same time Red's own tortured past begins to haunt him... Messiah 2 - Vengeance Is Mine: Red Metcalfe must face another series of killings beginning with a man who has been buried alive. Will he be able to understand the psychological motivation of the killer responsible and prevent any more deaths? Messiah 3 - The Promise: Red fights his own conscience as he tries to stop a killer turn a London hospital into a graveyard of pain. As he and his team battle to protect the innocent a grotesque twist of fate threatens to tear them apart. Messiah 4 - The Harrowing: Red's latest murder investigation is stifling and intense. The killer has really got under his skin. As the murder count escalates Red becomes increasingly frustrated as the clues left behind on the victims' bodies continue to confuse him. Can Red reach the killer in time to stop them committing their final act? Messiah 5 - The Rapture: The fifth and final installment of the BBC serial crime drama Messiah. In this series we are introduced to Marc Warren (Hustle Mutual Friends) as DCI Joseph Walker in the lead role taking over from Ken Stott's character Red Metcalfe. DCI Walker is a haunted man who has finally met his match. His previously renowned finely tuned instincts and tenacity of character are questioned as his personal demons invade his latest investigation.

    ^ Messiah: Series 1-5 (Boxset), BBC. TheHut. (revised Nov 2018)

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