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Cloverfield (Blu-Ray)

Cloverfield is one of the most exciting and frightening sci-fi horrors of the last decade. A wobbly-rollercoaster ride that weaves its rickety way through darkened subways and exploding skyscrapers to avoid the powerful, terrifying and destructive force that has New York City under attack. Matt Reeves' monster-horror combines suspense, terror and explosions within its sudden, claustrophobic, and tension-filled scenes of desperate New Yorkers struggling to stay alive. Rob's (Michael Stahl-David) impending trip to Tokyo is put on hold when, during his going away party, a devastating and frightening presence starts to destroy the city. As the explosions, screams and devastation increase, Rob, his brother Jason (Mike Vogel) and their group of friends face the most difficult decision of their lives. As Rob's long-term friend and current love interest Beth (Odette Yustman) is trapped alone in her apartment on the other side of the city, do they attempt to save themselves and flee the city to safety or head further in to the ruin and save Beth? Cloverfield is a fantastically wrought film, where The Blair Witch Project style of using a handheld home video camera throughout adds tension and captures the chilling realism of the situation in which the city, and group, have found themselves in. With stylistic flourishes and inventive shocks, director Matt Reeves and visionary producer J. J. Abrams (Lost), have delivered on their 'documentary-style' monster attack concept and produced an enjoyable, exhilarating and downright scary monster movie.

  • Cloverfield (Blu-Ray) available on January 18 2020 from Base for 7.49
  • Cloverfield available on January 17 2020 from TheHut for 15.80
  • EAN bar code 5051368202532 ξ1 registered September 27 2014
  • EAN bar code 5051368202532 ξ2 registered January 17 2020
  • Product category is BLURAY - Blu-Ray - Science Fiction Electronic

    ^ Cloverfield (Blu-Ray) Base. (revised Jan 2020)
    ^ Cloverfield, Paramount Home Entertainment. TheHut. (revised Jan 2020)

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