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Euro Price - 15.19. RRP Euros - 34.49.

  • Ocean Wonderland 3D available on March 01 2020 from TheHut for 16.59
  • Ocean Wonderland 3D available on February 29 2020 from Zavvi for 17.14
  • Ocean Wonderland - (Blu-ray 3D Blu-ray) available on May 05 2017 from Base for 9.49
  • EAN bar code 5050582822021 ξ1 registered March 01 2020
  • EAN bar code 5050582822021 ξ2 registered February 29 2020
  • EAN bar code 5050582822021 ξ3 registered May 05 2017
  • Product category is Blu-ray Video Movie

Hold your breath and plunge into this unique larger than life diving experience. Presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Wonderland 3D takes you on a stunning visual and sensorial diving adventure beneath the waves to the pulsating heart of the oceans: the coral reefs. Join your friendly host aris the turtle and enter this magical and beautiful yet endangered and fragile world from australia’s great barrier reef to the bahamas. Discover the vast bio-diversity thriving there and the crucial role played by coral reefs within the marine ecosystem by providing a habitat and food for a wide variety of fish species and maintaining the well-being of our planet. To watch the 3D version of this movie you need: Full HD 3D TV Blu-ray 3D player compatible 3D glasses This disc also includes the 2D version playable on all Blu-ray players.

    ^ Ocean Wonderland 3D, Universal Pictures. TheHut. (revised Mar 2020)
    ^ Ocean Wonderland 3D, Universal Pictures. Zavvi. (revised Feb 2020)
    ^ Ocean Wonderland - (Blu-ray 3D Blu-ray) Base. (revised May 2017)

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