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Cotton Mary

EAN 5050582322446
REGISTERED: 07/17/18
UPDATED: 07/17/18
Cotton Mary
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A British family is trapped between culture, tradition and the colonial sins of the pastIn a southern town in 1954 India, British and Anglo-Indian identities blur in this psychological tale of misplaced trust, envy and power. The troubled Macintosh household deteriorates further when Lily (Greta Scacchi) gives birth to a sickly baby girl.Cotton Mary (Madhur Jaffrey), an Anglo-Indian hospital worker, seizes the opportunity and takes over the infant's care. She becomes indispensable to the suffering mother and is asked to join the household, where she assumes more and more duties, playing on the mother's fatigue and problems with her husband.How long can Mary sustain her rule before Lily stands on her own feet and regains control?

  • Cotton Mary available on July 11 2018 from Zavvi for 10.90
  • EAN bar code 5050582322446 ξ1 registered July 11 2018
  • Product category is Automobile Car

    ^ Cotton Mary, Universal Pictures. Zavvi. (revised Jul 2018)

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