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Euro Price - 25.19. RRP Euros - 47.32.

  • Outer Limits - Season One available on December 15 2018 from TheHut for 27.55
  • Outer Limits - Season One available on May 07 2017 from Base for 20.49
  • Outer Limits S1 Import available on July 02 2015 from Amazon for 27.12
  • EAN bar code 5039036030878 ξ1 registered December 15 2018
  • EAN bar code 5039036030878 ξ2 registered May 07 2017
  • EAN bar code 5039036030878 ξ3 registered July 02 2015
  • Product category is DVD Electronic

There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Television. Do Not Attempt To Adjust The Picture.The complete first season of The Outer Limits the critically acclaimed and most original science fiction series is finally available on DVD! Like the classic 1960s series of the same name this modern adaptation is an imaginative exploration of humanity's greatest hopes and darkest fears and includes special guest appearances by Alyssa Milano Ryan Reynolds Rae Dawn Chong Beau Bridges Rebecca De Mornay and Robert Patrick. Winner of the Cable Ace Award for best Dramatic Series this Emmy nominated show deals with the consequences of such controversial and thought-provoking topics as genetic manipulation alien visitation and life after death.Episodes:01. Sandkings Part 1.02. Sandkings Part 2.03. Valerie 23.04. Blood Brothers.05. The Second Soul.06. White Light Fever.07. The Choice.08. Virtual Future.09. Living Hell.10. Corner Of The Eye.11. Under The Bed.12. Dark Matters.13. The Conversion.14. Quality Of Mercy.15. Caught In The Act.16. The Voyage Home.17. The New Breed.18. The Message.19. I Robot.20. If These Walls Could Talk.21. Birthright.22. The Voice Of Reason.

    ^ Outer Limits - Season One, 20th Century Fox. TheHut. (revised Dec 2018)
    ^ Outer Limits - Season One Base. (revised May 2017)
    ^ Outer Limits S1 [Import anglais] Amazon. (revised Jul 2015)

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