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1451: After the death of his father 18 year-old Fatih Mehmed II ascends to the throne as Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The young ruler is regarded by his enemies as inexperienced and weak. Mehmed wants to complete his father's work to create a world empire. For this purpose he must conquer Constantinople the last major Byzantine territory which is standing in the way of an expansion of the Ottoman Empire. Over the course of the next two years Fatih plans his elaborate invasion as astute Emperor Constantine assembles a powerful league of allies to defend the Imperial city. Later on the night of April 1st 1453 the citizens of Constantinople fill the streets to celebrate Easter as Fatih leads an army of thousands right to the city gates. Before the sun rises the following day a new chapter of history will be written and a new empire born.

  • Empire 1453 available on January 08 2022 from Zavvi for 19.60
  • Empire 1453 available on December 23 2021 from TheHut for 18.98
  • EAN bar code 5037899058183 ξ1 registered January 08 2022
  • EAN bar code 5037899058183 ξ2 registered December 23 2021
  • Product category is Book

    ^ Empire 1453, KSM. Zavvi. (revised Jan 2022)
    ^ Empire 1453, KSM. TheHut. (revised Dec 2021)

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