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The Lodge [Blu-ray]

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Michael and Julia travel to the remote Two Rivers Ranch to spend a romantic weekend alone in a lodge, nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains. As the weekend begins the couple meets the caretaker, Henry, who seems suspiciously unfamiliar with the surrounding area. Little by little, they develop more questions about their weekend retreat that raise suspicion about the fate of the previous guests. As their suspicions continue to grow they discover the biggest secret of all; Desi, a thirteen-year-old girl alone in the dark hallways of the lodge. Before too long their idyllic getaway becomes a life and death struggle that pits Michael and Julia against the only man for miles and more importantly, the lodge itself.

  • The Lodge available on September 28 2019 from Zavvi for 10.90
  • The Lodge Blu-ray available on June 14 2018 from Base for 5.69
  • EAN bar code 5037899056226 ξ1 registered September 28 2019
  • EAN bar code 5037899056226 ξ2 registered June 14 2018
  • Product category is BLURAY - Blu-Ray - Horror Outdoor

    ^ The Lodge, Lace. Zavvi. (revised Sep 2019)
    ^ The Lodge [Blu-ray] Base. (revised Jun 2018)

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