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EAN 5037899010884
REGISTERED: 05/09/18
UPDATED: 07/27/21
Euro Price - 16.55. RRP Euros - 22.07.

  • Fightville available on July 17 2021 from Zavvi for 18.10
  • EAN bar code 5037899010884 ξ1 registered July 17 2021
  • Product category is DVD Art

Over the last decade Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has grown from a controversial no-holds-barred gladiatorial sideshow into a billion dollar phenomenon eclipsing boxing as the dominant combat sport in the world. But far from Las Vegas in sweat-soaked gyms and low rent arenas across America the big lights are but a dream. Here men fight to test their mettle fortified with the mythic promise that an ordinary man can transform into a champion. FIGHTVILLE is about the art and sport of fighting: a microcosm of life a physical manifestation of the American Dream and the relentless dedication required of all who hope to attain it. Here men are not born but are instead built through self-determination hard work and faith. In FIGHTVILLE that’s what champions are made of.

    ^ Fightville, Moviolla. Zavvi. (revised Jul 2021)

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