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Jumanji [Collectors Edition]

EAN 5035822402997
REGISTERED: 05/12/18
UPDATED: 05/27/18
Jumanji [Collectors Edition]
Rank: 100%
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When young Alan Parrish discovers a mysterious board game he doesn't realise its unimaginable power until he is magically transported before the eyes of his friend Sarah into the untamed jungles of JUMANJI! 26 years later he is freed from the game's spell by two unsuspecting children. Alan (ROBIN WILLIAMS) reunite with Sarah (BONNIE HUNT) and together with Judy (Kirsten Dunst Little Women) and Peter (Bradley Pierce) tries to outwit the game's powerful forces in this imaginative adventure that combines breathtaking special effects with an enchanting mixture of comedy magic and thrills....

  • Jumanji Collectors available on April 29 2018 from TheHut for 10.62
  • EAN bar code 5035822402997 ξ1 registered April 29 2018
  • Product category is Software Game

    ^ Jumanji [Collectors Edition], Sony Pictures. TheHut. (revised Apr 2018)

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