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Spyder's Web - The Complete Series

EAN 5027626339647
REGISTERED: 02/15/18
UPDATED: 11/30/20
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There are over 40,000 different species of spider. All are cannibals, and almost all kill through cunning. There's only one Spyder, though. Using a documentary unit as an ingenious cover, the specialist organisation is directly responsible to the government - taking on jobs that are too hot or too delicate for the police, or that someone in authority is putting the block on. Operating within the ideal anonymity of the film world, with its headquarters an office in a crumbling shared building in Soho, the 'Arachnid Film Unit' has representatives in many places; it spins a web to trap the guilty, with a network of highly skilled agents all licensed to kill. An offbeat, stylish and humorous thriller, Spyder's Web stars Patricia Cutts as the dynamic Lottie Dean, Anthony Ainley as her trigger-happy fellow agent, Clive Hawskworth, and Hammer horror star Veronica Carlson as Tolstoy-reading secretary Wallis Ackroyd. The series was based on an idea by Man in a Suitcase co-creator Richard Harris, and writers include Robert Holmes, Alfred Shaughnessy and sitcom veteran Roy Clarke. Though made in colour only two remain in this format, with the remainder existing only as black and white film recordings.

  • Spyder's Web - The Complete Series available on November 19 2020 from Zavvi for 46.78
  • EAN bar code 5027626339647 ξ1 registered November 19 2020
  • Product category is Electronic

    ^ Spyder's Web - The Complete Series, Network. Zavvi. (revised Nov 2020)

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