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Odd Man Out [Special Edition]

EAN 5027626250942
REGISTERED: 08/02/18
UPDATED: 10/21/18
Rank: 64%
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Euro Price - 17.65. RRP Euros - 20.41.

  • Odd Man Out Special available on September 27 2018 from TheHut for 19.31
  • EAN bar code 5027626250942 ξ1 registered September 27 2018
  • Product category is DVD Electronic

Outstandingly directed by the Oscar-winning Carol Reed (The Third Man Oliver!) Odd Man Out star's James mason (Lolita A Star is Born) as a terrorist on the run in post-war Belfast. Giving what is undeniably his finest performance Mason gets exemplary support from both Robert Newton (The Adventures of Long John Silver) as Lukey a crazed artist who desires to paint the death in McQueen's eyes and Kathleen Ryan (Esther Waters) as the woman who loves him more than life itself. Taken from a digitally-restored High Definition print Oscar-winning cinematographer Robert Krasker's (The Third Man) stark and beautiful imagery has never looked more sumptuous and is ably complemented by William Alwyn's exceptional score which continually drives the story forward to its shocking conclusion.

    ^ Odd Man Out [Special Edition], Network. TheHut. (revised Sep 2018)

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