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The Caesars (Two Discs)

EAN 5027626240943
REGISTERED: 10/05/17
UPDATED: 05/27/18
After a century of being wrecked by dissension and ruinous civil wars the Romans were willing to pay any price for peace and internal security. The price they paid was the Pax Romana - the absolute rule of an Emperor-dictator - Augustus. After ruthlessly disposing of all possible rivals and enemies, Augustus' later years were bedevilled by the question of his successor. He firmly believed that for the good of Rome, the dictatorship must continue, but he hadn't bargained on those who followed him ...Made in 1968 and broadcast to tremendous critical acclaim, THE CAESARS was one of the last great drama productions made in black and white. featuring outstanding performances from Andre Morell, Ralph Bates and Freddie Jones, THE CAESARS is a tale of murder, gangsterism and villainy that is not to be missed.

  • The Caesars (Two Discs) available on April 29 2018 from Zavvi for 25.42
  • EAN bar code 5027626240943 ξ1 registered April 29 2018
  • Product category is Electronic

    ^ The Caesars (Two Discs), Network. Zavvi. (revised Apr 2018)

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