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Two In Clover - The Complete Series

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SERIES 1 (Black and White)1. With their unwilling feet sinking further and further into the workday rut Sid and Vic decide to buy a farm and are soon knee-deep in forms and Fresians.2. Sid and Vic feel that joining the county set would set the seat on their successful transition from city life and apply for membership of the local hunt.3. Wine woman and song - the ingredients for a night out on the tiles for Sid and Vic. With a glint in his eye Sid plans the evening's tactics4. When you've just started to run a farm it's obviously politic to cultivate the friendship of your neighbours. but Sid ruins the harvest when he drops a clanger on Gerald Bromley-Jones.5. Vic sends a postcard to his old office to clue-up his ex-colleagues on life at the farm. However he is not to know what problems this friendly gesture will present.6. Life on the farm is disrupted when a financial crisis hits Sid and Vic.7. Recovering from a monumental hangover after a market day drinking session Sid loses a cow. to make matters worse he falls foul of the breathalyser.SERIES 2 (Colour)1. there comes a time when the oldest and most trusted farm equipment can no longer wrestle with the problems at Clover FArm.2. After a meeting with the bank manager Sid and Vic hatch a plot to overcome the economic circumstances of Clover Farm.3. Vic on a trip home to Wales gets into troubles and his brother arrives to help Sid on the farm.4. Sid and Vic can't resist a challenge especially after eight pints of bitter.5. Sid is always up to his neck in trouble. But now he faces diaster.6. Sid's sporting activities are usually of the indoor sort after dark. Vic tricks him into playing cricket for the Vicar's XI. However Freddie Truman is playing for the opposition.

  • Two In Clover - The Complete Series available on January 06 2023 from Zavvi for 17.86
  • Two In Clover - The Complete Series available on May 08 2022 from TheHut for 18.22
  • EAN bar code 5027626221348 ξ1 registered January 06 2023
  • EAN bar code 5027626221348 ξ2 registered May 08 2022
  • Product category is Electronic

    ^ Two In Clover - The Complete Series, Network. Zavvi. (revised Jan 2023)
    ^ Two In Clover - The Complete Series, Network. TheHut. (revised May 2022)

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