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Workshop Kawai Sprinkle wasabi sauce 60ml

EAN 4956424111111
REGISTERED: 12/13/17
UPDATED: 10/26/20
Workshop Kawai Sprinkle wasabi sauce 60ml

Workshop Kawai Sprinkle wasabi sauce 60ml

  • Workshop Kawai Sprinkle wasabi sauce 60ml available on December 12 2016 from Amazon for 17.62
  • EAN bar code 4956424111111 ξ1 registered December 12 2016
  • Product category is Grocery
  • Manufacturered by Workshop Kawai

  • Product weight is 0.35 lbs.
Ingredients: vegetables, fruit (onion, peach pure Contents: 60ml Product size (height x depth x width): 140mmX38mm Product introduction Uho! This is I had never eaten Sonomanma wasabi and! Umai' !! once the pizza and wasabi together, this is heavier as firmly wasabi !! pizza to a new sense! Few drops since it is suppressing the hotness that of firmly wasabi is alive! comes with strong ze Wasafuru' !! Izu wasabi wrapped in cuisine, served to people of all ages. Note (Disclaimer)> Avoid direct sunlight please be sure to read, please save a cool dark place. After opening should be stored in a refrigerated.

    ^ Workshop Kawai Sprinkle wasabi sauce 60ml, Workshop Kawai. Amazon. (revised Dec 2016)

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