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Clue The Office Edition

UPC 492421213884
REGISTERED: 06/25/18
UPDATED: 02/28/21
Clue The Office Edition
Clue The Office Edition

  • Clue The Office Edition available on January 07 2014 from Amazon for 27.99
  • UPC bar code 492421213884 ξ1 registered January 07 2014
  • Product category is Business Office
  • Manufacturered by USAOPOLY, Inc
  • CL051-198

  • Product weight is 0.025 lbs.
  • Clue, the office edition * 6 dunder mifflin employees, 9 locations, 9 office weapons * Game comes complete with 9 custom weapons, custom game board, 6 suspect movers, deck of personality cards, deck of rumor cards, custom score pad, clue scandal envelope and 2 dice * Intrigue & clock cards ? new to the Clue brand, they provide directives that add fun and intrigue as well as faster game play * Custom game board features the Dunder Mifflin offices 6 Dunder Mifflin Employees; 9 Locations; 9 Office Weapons. . . Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager; Michael Scott; calls a ?MANDATORY? team-building event; where six employees work independently to figure out. . .WHO ?killed? Toby Flenderson!! WHAT office weapon was used!! WHERE at Dunder Mifflin did it occur!! The employee that wins gets a week?s paid vacation! Will Dwight do what it takes to thwart the competition? Will Stanley sit back and work on his crossword puzzle? Will Andy?s overconfidence work against him? If the crime is not solved by the end of the day; Michael will give up on his team and go home. Can you outwit your co-workers and overcome your boss?s meddling to win the game? Game comes complete with 9 custom Weapons; custom game board; 6 Suspect movers; Deck of Personality Cards; Deck of Rumor Cards; Custom score pad; Clue scandal envelope and 2 dice. AGES 9+ v 3-6 players

    ^ (2009). Clue The Office Edition, Usaopoly, Inc. Amazon. (revised Jan 2014)

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