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Coleman Rechargeable Quick Pump, Colors May Vary

UPC 490911300120
REGISTERED: 05/07/18
UPDATED: 03/01/21
Coleman Rechargeable Quick Pump, Colors May Vary
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Coleman Rechargeable Quick Pump, Colors May Vary

  • Coleman Rechargeable Quick Pump, Colors May Vary available on July 31 2018 from Amazon for 34.99
  • UPC bar code 490911300120 ξ1 registered January 05 2014
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by Coleman
  • 2000012141

  • Product color is Red

  • Product weight is 0.73 lbs.
Colors may vary. Pump will be either black or red. Cordless pump for airbeds and inflatables by Coleman; fits other brands and items Compatible with double-lock and quick valves, Boston, and pinch valves Battery-operated with rechargeable plug-in transformer included 2 nozzles included, one for pinch valves and an adapter Coleman limited warranty Take the work out of blowing up your inflatable mattress, raft, pool and more. This Coleman electric pump inflates 5 times faster than conventional hand and foot pumps and only weights 3.95 lbs. Versatile pump includes a handy deflate option. Operates using 6V lead acid, sealed rechargeable battery pack that includes a recharger and adapters to fit most inflatable products. Battery pack is recyclable. Not for use on stem or needle valves found on bike tires or sports equipment. No.5999-375. Imported. 6-1/4Hx9-1/2Wx4-3/4D". Designed for inflating and deflating beds, boats, and other inflatable items, this cordless, rechargeable electric pump makes the chore fast and easy. It works with Coleman double-lock and quick valves, Boston valves, and pinch valves, and is compatible with all Coleman beds and inflatables, as well most other inflatable products. It does not, however, work with stem and needle valves, such as those in basketballs, bike tires, etc. For valves other than pinch valves, there's an adapter nozzle, and for pinch valves there's a separate adapter. The pump inflates from one end and deflates from the other. A plug-in transformer comes with the pump to charge the battery. --Fred Brack

    ^ Coleman Rechargeable Quick Pump, Colors May Vary, Coleman. Amazon. (revised Jul 2018)

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