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Iwatani furnace Bata Gen. Abuie (ABURIYA) W [cassette Gas dedicated grilled-skewers] CB-RBT-W

EAN 4901140907623
REGISTERED: 11/29/18
UPDATED: 03/08/21
Iwatani furnace Bata Gen. Abuie (ABURIYA) W [cassette Gas dedicated grilled-skewers] CB-RBT-W

Iwatani furnace Bata Gen. Abuie (ABURIYA) W cassette CB-RBT-W

  • Iwatani furnace Bata Gen. Abuie (ABURIYA) W cassette CB-RBT-W available on August 20 2016 from Amazon for 117.09
  • EAN bar code 4901140907623 ξ1 registered March 07 2016
  • Product category is Home Grill
  • Manufacturered by IWATANI
  • CB-RBT-W

  • Product weight is 5.29 lbs.
Size: about width 409 × depth 214 × height 131mm / body weight: about 2.4kg Material Material: body / steel (powder coating), skewers stay · U-shaped burner / steel (plated), saucer / Steel (enamel processing), grill / Stainless Country of origin: South Korea The set includes accessory: body, grill (about 280 × 180mm), ※ Japanese manual Japanese Product URL: Product Description Tabletop furnace Bata grilled instrument used to fuel a handy cassette bomb. I can enjoy a grilled & skewers. ● ignition system: piezoelectric ignition system, container detachable system: Magnetic method ● at home a cassette gas to the fuel, a dedicated instrument grilled skewers and enjoy In radiation plate radiant heat that has been red-hot in ● flame, while taking advantage of the ingredients of umami, so firmly baked, "during the scorched the outside raw" less failure, such as, in the home, and Ya tavern just like a full-fledged furnace Bata grilled and I enjoy yakitori ● She has also worked as a barbecue goods are brought out to the outdoors. Family reunion and, home party of fellow, outdoor and many other leisure scene ● to convey a proper heat cylinder, is equipped with a "heat panels," to promote the vaporization, it is possible to use up the gas to the end while sustaining high heat power ● mounting of the cassette gas, by Iwatani adoption of its own magnet type, detachable is smooth, no worry of erroneous attachment is A piezoelectric ignition system ●, convenient since it is ignition and thermal adjusted turning the knob ● ※ In the tent in the car and please do not use the absolute

    ^ Iwatani furnace Bata Gen. Abuie (ABURIYA) W [cassette Gas dedicated grilled-skewers] CB-RBT-W, Iwatani. Amazon. (revised Aug 2016)

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This is the greatest little (or big) grill I have ever owned.Ok, I have to admit that I am turning into a Japanese food snob. For whatever reason I have been on a Japan food kick for well over a year now. First it was Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba. Then it was REAL rice with a REAL rice cooker. Ramen.... A few weeks ago I started to try my hand at Yakitori.The dish is simple as can be - skewered chicken thighs grilled and finished either with salt or tare (think te..
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