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Trangia Spirit Burner with Screwcap

EAN 4901140302602
REGISTERED: 07/09/18
UPDATED: 03/06/21
Trangia Spirit Burner with Screwcap

Trangia Spirit Burner with Screwcap

  • Trangia Spirit Burner with Screwcap available on August 22 2016 from Amazon for 14.10
  • EAN bar code 4901140302602 ξ1 registered November 09 2014
  • Product category is Grocery
  • Manufacturered by Trangia
  • 327550

  • Product weight is 0.0026 lbs.
Included: Spirt Burner with Screwcap only The Trangia Spirit Burner is the most versatile and user friendly alcohol burner on the market. Besides having a track record of reliable service that spans decades it also has a couple of uniquely useful features.

    ^ (2012). Trangia Spirit Burner with Screwcap, Trangia. Amazon. (revised Aug 2016)

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   These are great. Let me count the reasons. No moving parts unless you count the swivel on the flame adjuster. The cap and gasket are great so you can save left over alcohol in the stove. The flame adjuster is good considering most little alcohol stoves like this don't have any means to control the flame. These things are nice and sturdy, probably wouldn't break unless you ran over it (and maybe not even then). Good wind resistance for an alcohol stove (you can't really ..
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I was driven to purchase a trangia alcohol stove after a friend accidentally crushed my pop can stove by stepping on it while on a 3 day hike. I wanted something stronger and also have the ability to store some fuel inside it plus conserve fuel while on longer trips.First off you should know your going to need to purchase a cook stand separately, I chose to build my own out of aluminum sheet metal... Ive used the trangia on many multi day hikes and it works flawlessly, I generally prefer..
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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

Awesome little Alcohol stove! I had one as a kid and it vanished 20 odd years ago. Since then I always have used MSR liquid fuel stoves like an XGK or Whisperlight. I have also made various pop can type alcohol stoves but found them to be too flimsy and don't like that you cannot carry with fuel in it.Recently I bought a new trangia without a base or windscreen and made my own folding base. Been on 2 trips now and is great for coffee, soups, and even cooked bacon and eggs usin..
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