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Bayou Classic

UPC 490090700308
REGISTERED: 05/15/18
UPDATED: 02/28/21
Bayou Classic
Bayou Classic 3016 30-Quart Outdoor Turkey Fryer with Basket and Fry Pot

  • Bayou Classic available on November 05 2014 from Amazon for $188.99
  • UPC bar code 490090700308 ξ1 registered November 05 2014
  • Product category is Outdoor
  • Manufacturered by Bayou Classic
  • 3016

  • Product color is Silver and Black
  • Product size is 14"x14"x21"
  • Product weight is 0 lbs.
  • Turkey fryer kit provides 30-quart stockpot and outdoor gas-burner stove * Aluminum and cast-iron construction for high-quality performance; 10-PSI regulator * Vented lid; perforated poultry rack; 12-inch stainless thermometer * Includes 10-quart fry pot and large steam/boil basket for boiling crawfish, shrimp, and vegetables * Measures approximately 33 by 16 by 16 inches fully assembled Bayou Classic Select 30 - qt. Turkey Fryer Kit with improved Gas Cooker, both big and small Pots, and more! This Kit, ready to make your outdoor cooking extra-convenient and extra-delicious, features a new and improved big-capacity outdoor Cooker. You also get an aluminum Pot Kit, with large 30-qt. Pot and a smaller 10-qt. Pot with basket, plus all kinds of extras. For frying poultry, potatoes and hush puppies, making soups and stews, boiling up seafood and more, steaming some lobster... here's the package: Outdoor Gas Cooker has legs designed for maximum stability, plus a new-design cast iron reversible grate. Heavy-duty, weather-resistant steel frame; Flame is adjustable using the needle valve on the regulator, for a wide range of flame control. UL-listed 10 psi regulator / valve assembly allows it to pump out heat up to a max. 55,000 BTUs. 3' high-pressure hose; 30-qt. Stockpot, made of commercial strength aluminum. The patented tall, narrow design requires less cooking oil (or water) than a standard pot. The 10-qt. Pot lets you do family-sized cooking (vs. crowd-size), and includes its own perforated basket; Perforated, raised Poultry Rack that allows the oil to circulate evenly when frying, preventing the bottom from sticking or scorching; Perforated Steam / Boil Basket for all kinds of goodies, from corn to crawfish; 3-Pc. Skewer Set, allowing you to fry 3 chickens in about 20 minutes; Vented Lid helps maintain heat, just right; Grab Hook provides a way to safely insert and remove poultry from hot oil; 12" stainless Deep Fry Thermometer is perfect for maintaining a constant temperature of cooking oil; 1-oz. trial-size Injector, plus 3 1/5-oz. seasoning sample, so you can get into flavoring poultry and more with your own spice injections; Kit weighs approx. 29 lbs. The best in outdoor cooking is here, priced right! Order yours now! Bayou Classic Select 30-qt. Turkey Fryer Kit

    ^ (2005). Bayou Classic, Bayou Classic. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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I have long been skeptical of "deep frying" at home. The smell, the mess, the smell...Anyway, I recently decided to throw a fish fry and decided it was time to invest in a fryer. The biggest issue for me in purchasing a fryer was the sturdiness of the burner stand. Besides having the ability to heat 12 quarts of oil, I also wanted a burner stand that would hold the weight of 20 quarts of beer for my homebrewing. I decided on the Bayou Classic.This Bayou Classic kit came with everything and setup was sim..
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Yes the pot held the oil and turkey and the fire lit under the pot. It didn't fall down under it's own weight and fried my turkey. That said here are some problems. I had to make 3 trips to the hardware store so if you purchase this item and read this first, you should knock that down to ONE trip. But you will make the trip none-the-less. First off the three scews that hold the legs on are listed at 2" but are more like 1 1/4" and thus had to be replaced ( or you WON'T get the nut on the screw ). Second, an..
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When I first heard about frying turkeys, I just new I'd try it eventually and this fryer has everything I needed (minus the turkey, oil & fuel) to get started. My cooker arrived right on time in perfect condition and went together without a hitch.I fried up some chickens so I'd have some frying practice before T-day rolled around and learned a few tips:The meat should be at nearly room temp before cooking. I took my bird out of the fridge the night before and put it in a cooler with no ice so it was cool ..
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