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FES Watch (Black)

EAN 4548736011861
REGISTERED: 10/06/17
UPDATED: 08/20/19
FES Watch (Black)
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FES Watch (Black)

  • FES Watch (Black) available on August 25 2017 from Amazon for 299.99
  • EAN bar code 4548736011861 ξ1 registered August 29 2016
  • Product category is Apparel Watch
  • Manufacturered by Sony
  • FES-WM1

  • Product weight is 0.09 lbs.
E-Paper Watch - A first-of-its-kind wristwatch crafted from a single piece of exposed e-paper. Understated Design - Simple composition with invisible closures provides a clean and minimalist look. One Smart Feature - Switch between 24 monochromatic watch face and strap designs with the push of a button to complete any look. Core Watch Functionality - Designed to focus on traditional watch functionality so there are no apps, no alerts, and no charging. Gesture control replaces the always-on display and opts to display the time only when you need it. Engineered and manufactured in Japan as part of Sony's incubation program, SAP. FES Watch looks simple at a glance, but you'll be sporting the first watch to perfect an all e-paper display. With smart e-paper, you can switch between 24 monochromatic watch face and strap designs with the push of a button. Its understated and simple aesthetic means you can throw on it with any look. FES Watch is back to basics and fuses traditional watch functionality with simple gesture control to activate the time display only when you need it. With an extraordinary battery life you'll wear FES Watch for up to two years without ever needing to charge it. Its stainless steel design makes for a top quality watch with custom movement designed by Sony engineers and manufactured in Japan. Everyday is a new day, and now you have a watch that can keep up with your ever-changing style and looks.

    ^ FES Watch (Black), Sony. Amazon. (revised Aug 2017)

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This watch is what it is. And I love it. Great conversation piece.

I like the eink technology on the kindle and I really enjoy it on smart watches. My one disappointment is that the watch is not always on. It senses movement and then displays the time. Perhaps there is a way to change this, but I have not looked into it much. I assume this is a battery saving maneuver, but I would have rather had a replaceable battery and an always on screen.
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