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Oreimo Ayase Aragaki Figma Action Figure

EAN 4545784061961
REGISTERED: 08/06/19
UPDATED: 08/03/21
Oreimo Ayase Aragaki Figma Action Figure
Rank: 31%
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From Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, simply known as Oreimo for short, comes a Figma of Kirino's best friend and modeling buddy, Ayase Aragaki

  • Oreimo Ayase Aragaki Figma Action Figure available on June 23 2016 from Newegg for 44.95
  • EAN bar code 4545784061961 ξ1 registered June 23 2016
  • Product category is Art

  • 02-017-6196
  • # 9SIA01G0852198

Known for her disgust of otaku and eroge's, she still manages to remain Kirino's best friend despite the fact Kirino is seriously in love with "little sister" eroges and Meruru. Ayase comes with a normal face, a disgusted face used to express her displeasure of the otaku life, as well as a blushing face. She also comes with her school bag and cellphone, enabling you to recreate school life scenes. As the final extra, the handcuffs featured in the 7th volume of the original novel are also included. Pair her with the Kirino Figma to make the best friend duo!

    ^ Oreimo Ayase Aragaki Figma Action Figure, Max Factory. Newegg. (revised Jun 2016)

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