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India 4K 3D UHD Stick & Disc

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4K 4K is the next generation of visual enhancement and will be the norm moving forwards for most hardware suppliers. 4K is four times HD quality and will provide consumers with the most incredible visuals. India 4K India 4K spreads an impressive panorama of India’s historical and contemporary world. The film presents the most important cities royal residences and temple precincts. It follows the trail of different religious denominations which have influenced India up to the present day. Simon Busch and Alexander Sass travelled for months through the north of the Indian subcontinent to discover what is hidden under India’s exotic and enigmatic surface and to show what is rarely revealed to foreigners. The film deals with daily life in India. In Varanasi people burn their dead to ashes. At the Kumbh Mela the biggest religious gathering of the world 35 million pilgrims bathe in holy River Ganges. This is the first time India is presented in such an alluring and engaging fashion on screen. Bonus Features: Bonus Material Deleted Scenes India 4K comes with India 4K Blu-ray Disc Ultra HD Stick (UHD Stick runs on all UHD-TV's with HEVC no external player required.)

  • India 4K 3D UHD Stick & Disc available on January 05 2022 from TheHut for 30.19
  • India 4K 3D UHD Stick & Disc available on December 29 2021 from Zavvi for 28.10
  • EAN bar code 4260080323949 ξ1 registered January 05 2022
  • EAN bar code 4260080323949 ξ2 registered December 29 2021
  • Product category is Video

    ^ India 4K 3D UHD Stick & Disc, Cornerstone Media. TheHut. (revised Jan 2022)
    ^ India 4K 3D UHD Stick & Disc, Cornerstone Media. Zavvi. (revised Dec 2021)

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