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Mega Airport Frankfurt Add-On

UPC 411378031198
REGISTERED: 06/23/18
UPDATED: 08/24/19
Mega Airport Frankfurt Add-On

Mega Airport Frankfurt Add-On

  • UPC bar code 411378031198 ξ1 registered April 28 2015
  • Product category is Automobile
  • Manufacturered by Aerosoft N.A. LTD

Over 420 taxi signs 1400 illuminated taxiway and runway signs Over 60 dynamic apron vehicles 450 dynamic trucks and cars (in rush hour) on Highway A5 185 park positions with 65 dockbridges Mega Airport Frankfurt Add-On brings you to a modern-day Frankfurt -- one you can explore through flyovers with Microsoft Flight Simulator. It has a complete recreation of the Frankfurt airport with all its buildings, exact runway layouts, complete lighting systems, navigation systems -- everything! Detailed airport and their surroundings; photorealistic ground texture All airport institutions and buildings, plus the City of Frankfurt & a US military base Automatic docking system (AGNIS) All navigation systems (ILS, VOR/DME, NDB, ATIS) Astounding night-time effects Extensive description of the airport

    ^ Mega Airport Frankfurt Add-On, Aerosoft N.a. Ltd. Amazon. (revised May 2018)

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