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Miele S8590 Marin Canister Vacuum SEB 217

EAN 4002515098011
REGISTERED: 06/22/18
UPDATED: 03/30/20
Miele S8590 Marin Canister Vacuum   SEB 217
Miele S8590 Marin Canister Vacuum SEB 217

  • Miele S8590 Marin Canister Vacuum SEB 217 available on November 05 2014 from Amazon for 1,099.00
  • EAN bar code 4002515098011 ξ1 registered November 05 2014
  • Product category is Home Vacuum
  • Manufacturered by Miele
  • S8590

  • Product color is Navy Blue

  • Self-adjusting Automatic setting * Active HEPA filter with 12-stage AirClean Sealed System® * 33 ft. cleaning radius * Deluxe Comfort Grip handle with electrobrush control * SEB 217 Electro Comfort electrobrush with floating head and swivel neck design for use on low to medium pile carpeting, rugs and smooth flooring; Parquet Twister for the gentle cleaning of smooth surfaces Premium S8 series vacuum with Automatic suction adjustment, auto-stop parking and custom choice of power brush. IN STOCK / FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING Compare Miele S8 Vacuum Cleaners The Miele S8 Series A perfect synergy of design and functionality, Miele’s S8 series sets new standards in floor care. These full-size canisters combine maximum features and efficiency with outstanding cleaning results. Superior engineering is balanced with carefully-selected, fine quality materials such as a durable stainless steel wand and specialized ABS plastic with a hard, impact-resistant surface. The S8 series features innovative skeleton construction, making it 2 lbs. less than the S5 series. Other conveniences include a 36-foot operating radius and foot pedal controls for quick and effective cleaning. S8 also features a silence motor to maintain a quiet environment, and an AirClean Sealed System that not only vacuums your floors — but also cleans the air your family breathes. S 8590 Marin Miele’s S8 Marin vacuum cleaner features an Electro Comfort electrobrush ideal for cleaning low to medium pile carpeting, rugs and smooth flooring. The Electro Comfort electrobrush is an electrically-driven carpet tool with floating head and swivel neck design for easy maneuverability. The Marin also includes the Parquet Twister - providing 180° rotation for the agile, yet gentle care of smooth surfaces. Marin offers a savvy, self-adjusting Automatic setting. As you transition from hardwoods to carpeting, the Marin automatically decreases suction, then increases suction when you return to smooth, solid flooring – saving you both time and energy. A telescopic, stainless steel wand and long electrical cord, with one-touch automatic rewind, provide a total cleaning radius of 33 feet.
    Six-Stage Suction Six-stage suction controls, via a /- footswitch, ensure the correct level of power for the surface being cleaned. Auto-Seal Closing FilterBagMarin's AirClean Sealed System features a HEPA filter which captures and retains over 99.9% of lung-damaging particles. This, plus Miele’s unique AirClean FilterBag, ensures that particles are never released back into the air. Three Integrated Accessories The S8 Marin features three convenient onboard accessories including a dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle. Parquet Twister The Parquet Twister rotates 180° - offering exceptionally agile cleaning for all smooth flooring.

      ^ (2013). Miele S8590 Marin Canister Vacuum SEB 217, Miele. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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    At long last, I finally found a truly wonderful vacuum. It's really worth the money. The time, frustration and money I've spent on lame vacuums make the cost of this one worth it to me.I had 2 Dyson uprights, that were ok for basic carpet, but were to bulky to get under much. They were terrible, I thought, on hard wood floors. The last new Dyson I had put a big scratch on my Brazilian cherry floors! Every time I wanted to use the Dyson, I'd have to go outside to empty the dirt bin. I liked the idea of not n..
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