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Fluke Networks CIQ-GSV2 CableIQ Network Cable Tester. Service Kit with Tone Generator and Network Tester

UPC 400002450528
REGISTERED: 06/22/18
UPDATED: 03/29/20
Fluke Networks CIQ-GSV2 CableIQ Network Cable Tester.  Service Kit with Tone Generator and Network Tester
Fluke Networks CIQ-GSV2 CableIQ Network Cable Tester. Service Kit with Tone Generator and Network Tester

  • Fluke Networks CIQ-GSV2 CableIQ Network Cable Tester. Service Kit with Tone Generator and Network Tester available on February 16 2015 from Amazon for 2,755.00
  • UPC bar code 400002450528 ξ1 registered February 16 2015
  • Product category is Electronic Network
  • Manufacturered by Fluke Networks
  • # 808693

  • Product weight is 8.85 lbs.
Quickly qualify bandwidth (10/100, VoIP, Gigabit Ethernet) of any cable Troubleshoot cabling performance faults like crosstalk or impedance changes Confirm link (speed/duplex/pairs) and ping key network devices at Gigabit speeds Measure IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) voltage pair by pair Pinpoint switch ports with Cisco, Extreme, and Link Layer Discovery Protocols Locate and trace cables with IntelliTone(TM) digital signaling technology Save cable and network test reports to PC with included reporting software Qualification tester kit with CableIQ qualification tester and additional devices, qualifies existing cabling for support of voice, 10/100, VoIP, and gigabit Ethernet services CableIQ qualification tester qualifies network support for voice, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, VoIP, and CATV on copper cabling, including twisted-pair, coax, and audio cabling LinkRunner AT 1000 meter performs 10/100/1G copper verification testing and power-over-Ethernet (PoE) testing up to 802.3at (25.5W) IntelliTone Pro 200 probe detects IntelliTone digital signals and 500 to 1,200 Hz analog signals to locate, trace, and isolate copper cabling Includes the CableIQ qualification tester, LinkRunner AT 1000 verification tester, IntelliTone Pro 200 probe, six CableIQ remote identifiers, software, and carrying case Fluke Networks CIQ-GSV2 CableIQ Qualification Tester Kit with CableIQ Qualification Tester, LinkRunner AT 1000 Meter, and IntelliTone Pro 200 Probe Fluke Networks CableIQ Qualification Service Kit provides network service technicians with the capabilities to qualify cabling performance and confirm network connectivity, and includes tools for expediting problem resolution, performing high-quality moves, changes, additions, and upgrades. CableIQ qualification tester qualifies cabling bandwidth, including voice, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, VoIP, and CATV, and locates performance faults. It identifies wiremap faults, bridge taps, and port characteristics; detects and displays the strength of RF coaxial television signals; and automatically reports whether the cable is connected to a device. A wiremap function supports up to seven unique ID numbers and can be performed to verify that cables are installed correctly. The MultiMap function tests multiple segments through bridge taps to detect faults on individual conductors. The tester detects and locates crosstalk and impedance faults. The continuity toner tests security switches at door and windows and the speaker test verifies speaker connections. The tester blinks the port light on a hub or switch to verify connectivity and cable routing. The built-in toner function works with standard analog probes to locate and isolate cables behind walls, at patch panels, or in bundles. The IntelliTone function works with optional Fluke Networks IntelliTone 100 and IntelliTone 200 probes. The meter stores up to 250 sets of test results. Results can be downloaded to a computer for long-term records retention, or imported to the CableIQ Reporter software for analysis and generation of certification reports to provide evidence that the installation has been completed according to standards and best practices (software and USB cable included). Copper and fiber testers are used by network technicians to troubleshoot, maintain, and optimize performance of copper and fiber optic cabling, hardware connections, and network settings in enterprise networks. LinkRunner AT 1000LinkRunner AT 1000View larger IntelliTone Pro 200IntelliTone Pro 200View larger LinkRunner AT 1000 LinkRunner AT 1000 is a portable troubleshooting device for analyzing and testing Ethernet networks over copper cable infrastructure. It stores and performs automated connectivity tests to help identify and analyze network problems. The device analyzes copper cabling infrastructure, verifies connections at 10M/100M/1G, and discovers VLAN ports and switches to help identify potential issues. It measures the availability and responsiveness of network services, including DHCP and DNS, to diagnose and solve complex issues. It supports IPv4 addressing for compatibility with location and identification protocols, and provides 802.1x authentication to verify access to secure networks. The LinkRunner AT 1000 has a 2.8 inch LCD screen to display test results and a 12-key elastomeric keypad for navigation. This portable network testing device is suitable for use by network technicians to verify network connectivity in local-area networks such as office buildings or schools. IntelliTone Pro 200 IntelliTone Pro 200 probe detects IntelliTone digital signals, rejecting noise and false signals, to locate and trace data cabling on active networks. It detects 500 to 1,200 Hz analog signals to isolate individual wire pairs and trace voice, audio, and video cabling on non-active networks. The probe detects signals at cable racks, in patch panels, and even behind walls, and identifies detected signals audibly and with eight LEDs that light successively as the signal strength increases for prompt isolation of a single cable within a bundle. A sync LED shows battery strength at power-up and confirms reception of IntelliTone signals, and the cable map function allows the probe to validate the cable map on RJ11 and RJ45 connectors, testing continuity and finding shorts, opens, and crossed-pair wiring faults on all four pairs of UTP and STP twisted pair cabling. RJ11 and RJ45 jacks plug into a port on the bottom of the probe. The probe turns off automatically after one hour of inactivity. Reduce Escalated Problems by as Much as 30% with CableIQ CableIQ qualification tester's powerful troubleshooting capability and intuitive interface enable your frontline technicians to identify and troubleshoot a wider range of problems within your infrastructure. Is the port active? Are the duplex settings matched? Is it a network problem or a cable problem? Can the cable support the required network bandwidth? CableIQ network cable tester is the only tool that can answer all these questions before trouble tickets are escalated to the next level reducing problem escalation by up to 30%. Troubleshoot Cabling Faults in Half the Time CableIQ shows you whether your cabling is qualified to support the network’s required bandwidth, and provides detailed information on the nature and location of cabling performance faults. Intelligent wiremap graphically displays the cable‘s wiring configuration, and shows the distance to opens and shorts. Advanced diagnostics also identifies and locates non-wiremap related connection faults, such as crosstalk or large impedance changes. Built-in IntelliTone digital technology allows you to tone and trace without disconnecting from the network. With CableIQ, your techs can close trouble tickets faster by cutting cable troubleshooting time in half. SpecificationsSpecificationsView larger CableIQ Gives Network Techs New Vision Into Cabling Bandwidth CableIQ is the first cabling tool designed for network technicians who need to troubleshoot and qualify cabling bandwidth. It gives even the most novice tech vision to see what speeds existing cabling can support, quickly isolate cabling from network problems, and discover what is at the far end of any cable. That means network techs can close trouble tickets faster, reduce on-call time, and save money by better utilizing their existing infrastructure. What's in the Box? CableIQ qualification tester with wiremap adapter LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester IntelliTone Pro 200 probe CableIQ remote identifiers #1-7 Coax 'F' push-on adapter Coaxial patch cord, F-connector to F-connector, 75Ω, 1.8m Universal adapter, 8-pin/4-pin modular jack to 8-pin/4-pin modular jack (RJ45/11) RJ11-RJ11 patch cord (2) RJ45-RJ45 patch cords CableIQ Reporter software CD LinkRunner Manager software CD USB cable (8) AA batteries 9V alkaline battery Removable AA battery case AC adapter Test accessory soft pouch Carrying case Instructions

    ^ Fluke Networks CIQ-GSV2 CableIQ Network Cable Tester. Service Kit with Tone Generator and Network Tester, Fluke Networks. Amazon. (revised Feb 2015)

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