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Velleman MK104 Electronic Cricket

EAN 3645030079427
REGISTERED: 02/24/18
UPDATED: 08/03/20
Velleman MK104 Electronic Cricket

Velleman MK104 Electronic Cricket

  • Velleman MK104 Electronic Cricket available on November 30 2016 from Amazon for 7.43
  • EAN bar code 3645030079427 ξ1 registered November 30 2016
  • Product category is Video
  • Manufacturered by Velleman
  • MK104
  • # 9223099
  • Product color is One Color

  • Product weight is 0 lbs.
Can be used for fun or to simulate a hot summer night. Automatically comes on when it gets dark. Cricket repetition (time between two crickets), effect and tone adjustable. Adjustable light sensitivity. Kit - Basic Soldering Required Specifications:consumption: ± 5mA power supply: 9V battery (not incl.)dimensions: 2.4" x 0.4" x 1.0"

    ^ Velleman MK104 Electronic Cricket, Velleman. Amazon. (revised Nov 2016)

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I managed to put this together with help from my father who had some experience with this type of stuff in the past. It did not seem very difficult, you'll have to have a soldering kit and wire cutters for cutting off the leads from the bottom of the chip after you solder the parts on. Tuning the thing is a little interesting, I suggest finding a cricket video on youtube and tuning the device until it sounds exactly like the video. I feel bad for the product page w..
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