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Fancy Vanilla Wafers in Decorative Metal Tin

EAN 3588570002435
REGISTERED: 02/20/18
UPDATED: 09/20/20
Fancy Vanilla Wafers in Decorative Metal Tin

Fancy Vanilla Wafers in Decorative Metal Tin

  • Fancy Vanilla Wafers in Decorative Metal Tin available on December 18 2016 from Amazon for 23.00
  • EAN bar code 3588570002435 ξ1 registered December 18 2016
  • Product category is Grocery
  • Manufacturered by Eugène Blond

Fabricants depuis des générations, Eugène Blond a la passion des biscuits des Flandres bien dorés ou des gaufres subtilement parfumées Ils font partie de nos moments de bonheur et de notre mémoire gustative. Aujourd'hui encore, dans leurs ateliers, ces biscuits délicieux sont mis en oeuvre selon les recettes d'origine dans des pétrins, des moules et des fours parfaitement authentiques. Manufacturers for generations, Eugène Blond has a passion for the well-gilded Flanders biscuits or subtly fragrant waffles . They comprise moments of happiness for us and our taste memories! Even today, in their workshops, these delicious biscuits are put to use according to the original recipes in perfectly genuine mixers, molds and ovens. These light, crispy wafers, double-filled with vanilla creme, will delight both the young and the old! The perfect gift! Vanilla wafers come in reusable traditional tin. Eugene Blond, Vanilla Double Filled French Gourmet Wafers in Traditional Metal Tin, 10 ounces. Imported from France.

    ^ Fancy Vanilla Wafers in Decorative Metal Tin, Eugène Blond. Amazon. (revised Dec 2016)

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