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Kusmi Prince Vladimir Tea (8.8oz.)

EAN 3585801000666
REGISTERED: 06/21/18
UPDATED: 09/20/20
Kusmi Prince Vladimir Tea (8.8oz.)
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Kusmi Prince Vladimir Tea (8.8oz.)

  • Kusmi Prince Vladimir Tea (8.8oz.) available on March 15 2016 from Amazon for 38.50
  • EAN bar code 3585801000666 ξ1 registered March 15 2016
  • Product category is Grocery
  • Manufacturered by Kousmichoff

Founded in 1867 in Saint-Petersburg, Kusmi Teas are faithful to the spirit of the firm P.M Kousmichoff, supplier of the tsars of ancient Russia. In 1917 when the Revolution started in Russia, anticipating a disaster, the eldest Kusmichoff son transferred a part of his fortune to the London office and then created the Kusmi Tea company in France, based in Paris at 75 avenue Niel, where the company still has its workshop and boutique. Kousmichoff has been carrying on the same tradition of serving connoisseurs and gourmets, combining discerning taste and creativity. Well known for their superb flavor and smootheness, they are distributed throughout the world in the most fashionable and exclusive places. Kusmi teas share all the complexity and subtlety of ancient Russia. Prince Vladimir is a blend of Ceylon and China teas with scents of orange, lemon, vanilla, grapefruit and spices.Each tin contains 8.8 oz. of Prince Vladimir Loose Leaf Tea by Kusmichoff (Kusmi) Teas from France.

    ^ Kusmi Prince Vladimir Tea (8.8oz.), Kousmichoff. Amazon. (revised Mar 2016)

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