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Hitler - Une Biographie Expliquee

EAN 3561302555225
REGISTERED: 07/27/18
UPDATED: 08/19/19
Hitler - Une Biographie Expliquee

Hitler - Une Biographie Expliquee

  • Hitler - Une Biographie Expliquee available on July 22 2018 from Amazon for 24.48
  • EAN bar code 3561302555225 ξ1 registered July 22 2018
  • Product category is Audio
  • Manufacturered by Fremeaux & Associes

Presses Universitaires de France and Fremeaux & Associes offer this biography of Adolf Hitler, analyzed and explained by historians Johann Chapoutot, Professor at the Sorbonne and Christian Ingrao, Research Director at the CNRS, a specialist in the violence of the Nazi party and World War II. Can a man alone lead an entire continent to war and into the most intense of barbarities? The story of the life of the Fuhrer is also the story of his time. The trauma of the German defeat in the Great War is superimposed misery and conspiracy theory. And when science and history devote themselves to the justification of nationalism and racial ideology, the advent of a Third Genocidal Reich becomes thinkable. This audiobook traces Hitler s journey from his childhood in Austria to his suicide on April 30, 1945, and highlights the mechanisms that served this accomplished demagogue in his quest for absolute domination.

    ^ (2018). Hitler - Une Biographie Expliquee, Fremeaux & Associes. Amazon. (revised Jul 2018)

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