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Parrot Zik by Philippe Starck Wireless Headphones - Black/Silver

Parrot ZIK The world's most advanced wireless headphones Listening to music and being insulated from external noise are features that more and more Smartphone users are looking for. Parrot has designed the perfect solution to address these desires, introducing wireless headphones that act as an extension of your Smartphone. ZIK, the Smartphone Generation Headset Sensitive touch panel & head detection sensor Like your Smartphone, ZIK has integrated a sensitive touch panel, giving hyper-intuitive access to the various features available. Sliding your finger vertically on the touch-sensitive control panel adjusts the volume of your music or the caller's voice, and moving your finger horizontally plays the next track or returns to the previous one. ZIK also has a unique head detection sensor: simply remove your headphones to put your music on hold. The Bluetooth connection is then automatically reconfigured so that your Smartphone operates independently again. Optimum listening comfort while on the phone For optimum listening comfort while on the phone, ZIK is equipped with two technologies for pinpointing the sound of your voice. Combined with the use of a double microphone, the bone detection sensor detects and analyses the vibrations of the jaw in order to detect only your words and remove any background noise. Recreating the Musical Image For a brand-new listening experience, Parrot has paid special attention to the audio output from ZIK. The headphone provides you with powerful DSP (Digital Sound Processor) algorithms which reconstructs the sound, giving you the impression that the music is coming from in front of you; this is the "Parrot Concert Hall" effect. To configure the "Parrot Concert Hall" effect, just download the free Parrot Audio Suite app for iOS or Android. Lastly, to insulate you from external noise, Parrot has developed an ultra-high performance active noise cancellation system which eliminates up to 98% of ambient noise. While traditional ANC audio headphones only use two microphones to analyse ambient noises, ZIK has 4 microphones located inside and outside each earpiece offering the user complete clarity whilst listening. A Headset Revolution--Touch Control Adjust the volume Sliding your finger vertically on the touch sensitive control panel adjusts the volume of your music or the caller voice. Change track Sliding your finger horizontally on the touch sensitive control panel plays the next track or returns to the previous one. Automatic pause Remove your headphones to put your music on hold or press the right panel with your finger. Automatic play Place your headphones on your head to start music playing. Take/end/refuse a call Tap on the right headphone to take or end a call, touch the panel for two seconds to reject it. Switch dual call Sliding your finger horizontally on the control panel to switch between calls. Parrot ZIK by Starck: Technology Touch Control panel Parrot ZIK features an ultra-intuitive touch panel located on the right ear cup (1). When connected via Bluetooth, simply swipe up and down to increase and decrease the volume, and forward and back to conveniently skip tracks. Active Noise Cancellation ZIK has four microphones (2) making this patented Parrot technology one of the best in its class in ANC. ZIK provides up to 98% noise reduction, amazingly isolating from external sound. Hands-free calling The Parrot ZIK is specifically engineered for crystal-clear conversation. Equipped with two directional microphones and a jaw bone sensor (3), ZIK captures the vibration of the jaw bone and merges it with the sound of your voice for reliable calls. Head detection sensor Placed within the foam of the ear piece (4), it automatically detects when you are wearing the headphones and when they are removed. Taking ZIK off your ears automatically pauses the music so you'll never miss a beat. Bluetooth simple pairing with NFC Just touch your phone to the left ear cup (5) to pair effortlessly with NFC devices. "Parrot Concert Hall" effect ZIK recreates beautiful lifelike sound. Alter the acoustics and sound- space through the Parrot Apps. Don't stop the music The music never stops. When it comes time to charge the battery, the Zik can operate using the jack cable. The music never stops! Parrot Audio Suite Parrot Audio Suite is the free Android / iPhone / iPod remote application dedicated to the Parrot ZIK design by Starck. The application allows the end-user to easily configure and modify the products configuration and parameters through the iPhone/iPod/Smartphone user-interface, including: Parrot Concert Hall effect The Parrot Concert Hall audio effect allows you to simulate a musical scene. This effect can be activated and controlled using the Parrot Audio Suite application. Active Noise Cancellation The active noise cancellation can be switched on or off directly by using the switch in the ZIK menu. Battery level This menu allows the user to know the current state of the ZIK's battery. Equalizer The Parametric EQ is a 7 bands equalizer. The user can choose from among the various presets (Flat, Pop, Club, Punchy, Deep, Crystal, User) to adjust the frequencies to the style of music you are listening to. System The software update screen displays the current ZIK name, and the current ZIK Product Software version. Helpdesk By clicking on the Helpdesk icon, the URL redirects the user to a dedicated page. Box Contains: 1 Micro USB Cable 1 line in cable 3.5mm 1 Li-Ion battery 800mAh 1 Quick-start guide 1 Protective pouch

  • Parrot Zik by Philippe Starck Wireless Headphones - Black/Silver available on August 13 2019 from TheHut for 272.98
  • Parrot Zik Bluetooth Headphones - Black/silver By Parrot available on July 25 2015 from Indigo for 429.95
  • EAN bar code 3520410007156 ξ2 registered August 13 2019
  • EAN bar code 3520410007156 ξ1 registered April 19 2018
  • EAN bar code 3520410007156 ξ3 registered July 20 2015
  • Product category is Audio

  • # 352041000715

The headphones were designed by Philippe Starck and feature Neodymium drivers, alloy head rails, synthetic leather memory foam ear cups, active noise canceling, built in motion, touch, and jawbone sensors, built-in microphones, and DSP control using the free Parrot Audio Suite application for iOS and Android.Features:* Bluetooth and Near Field Communication* Touch Sensitive Control* Motion Detection* iOS and Android Parrot Music Suite App* Built-In Microphones* Concert Hall Effect* 25 dB of Active Noise Cancellation* Passive Noise Cancelation* Jawbone Sensor* Motion Sensor

    ^ Parrot Zik Black Headband Headsets (revised May 2018)
    ^ Parrot Zik by Philippe Starck Wireless Headphones - Black/Silver, Parrot. TheHut. (revised Aug 2019)
    ^ Parrot Zik Bluetooth Headphones - Black/silver By Parrot, Parrot. Indigo. (revised Jul 2015)

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