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Parrot MKi9100 Advanced Bluetooth Hands-Free Music Kit

EAN 3520410003561
REGISTERED: 12/14/17
UPDATED: 09/20/20
Parrot MKi9100 Advanced Bluetooth Hands-Free Music Kit
Rank: 45%
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Parrot MKi9100 Advanced Bluetooth Hands-Free Music Kit

  • EAN bar code 3520410003561 ξ1 registered May 14 2015
  • Product category is Audio
  • Manufacturered by Parrot Inc.
  • MKi9100

  • Product color is Black

  • Product weight is 0.4 lbs.
Full system dedicated to keeping connected and entertained in your car Blue OLED 2 lines Screen lets you see whose calling or what song is playing Double microphone technology eliminates background and surrounding noise, including noise from inside the car Listen to your digital music in the car: compatible with all music sources, such as iPods, iPhones, and more Cutting-edge telephony functions like automatic phonebook synchronization, training-free multi-speaker voice recognition, and more The Parrot MKi9100 is a Bluetooth hands-free system with an OLED screen. A wireless remote control can be positioned on the steering wheel or dashboard and allows the driver to control all the functions of the MKi9100.In addition to conventional telephony functions - pick up, hang up, dual calls - the Parrot MKi9100 boasts cutting-edge telephony functions: automatic phonebook synchronisation, training-free multi-speaker voice recognition, speech synthesis of the names in the phonebook, contact management up to 2 000 per phone and call records. Its OLED screen displays the phonebook, caller ID, phone information and user settings. The menus and phonebook are also audible for easier, more intuitive use

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   I had a prior model the 3100. Worked great. This one works well too. If you are familiar with the great Parrot DSP technology and their frequent bluetooth firmware updates you will like it.The problem is the stuff isn't made to last. I am on my second display. First one went out.Now my controller device has gotten flaky to the point where I can't use it. It's very delicate and fragile. When they went wireless with this controller they lost the re..
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