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UPC 300878693022
REGISTERED: 11/13/17
UPDATED: 10/27/21
Enfamil Gentlease Powder, 12-Ounce Cans (Case of 6)

  • Enfamil available on November 22 2014 from Amazon for $60.00
  • UPC bar code 300878693022 ξ1 registered November 22 2014
  • Product category is Home Baby
  • Manufacturered by Enfamil

  • # hds-192-5858

  • Product size is 0"x0"x0"
  • Product weight is 0.72 lbs.
  • 12-ounce cans (case of 6) * A blend of DHA and ARA * Iron fortified partially broken down proteins * Babies 0-12 months * For babies with fussiness or gas The Enfamil Gentlease infant formula provides a change in diet designed to ease your baby's fussiness and gas in 24 hours. This formula helps provide parents with ease of mind and has approximately 1/5 the lactose of a full-lactose, routine milk-based formula to help relieve fussiness and gas. It is compositionally closer to breast milk than a soy-based formula.
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    GentleaseAt a Glance:Eases fussiness and gas with reduced lactose (about 1/5 the lactose of a full lactose, routine, milk-based formula) and broken-down proteinsHas DHA and ARA, nutrients that help promote brain, eye, and immune system developmentDeveloped by Mead Johnson, a leading provider of science-based pediatric nutrition products for over 100 years
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    Gentlease Baby ShotEnfamil Gentlease is designed to ease your baby's fussiness and gas.View larger.
    Gentlease Baby ShotHas approximately 1/5 the lactose of a full-lactose, routine milk-based formula.View larger.
    Gentlease Baby ShotHelps promote brain, eye, and immune system development. View larger.
    An Enfamil Formula to Help Meet Your Baby's NeedsIf your baby's having a hard time with his or her feedings, it's probably because his or her little digestive system is still developing. Fortunately, there's an EnfamilĀ® formula designed to help meet these feeding needs.For babies with mild feeding concerns like fussiness, gas, or spit up, and for babies with more serious concerns, like cow's milk and food protein allergies, Enfamil offers a selection of formulas. These formulas are formulated to include a blend of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (arachidonic acid), nutrients found in breastmilk that help support the development of a baby's brain, eyes, and immune system. Whatever your baby's feeding need, there's an Enfamil formula to help meet it.Specialty Formula for Babies with Digestive IssuesLactose is the primary carbohydrate found in breast milk and in most milk-based formulas. However, some babies with digestive issues are fussy or gassy on routine formula. That's why the maker of Enfamil created specialty formulas like EnfamilĀ® GentleaseĀ®.Enfamil Gentlease has reduced levels of lactose (about 1/5 the lactose of a full lactose, routine, milk-based formula) and an easy-to-digest milk protein blend that has been partially broken down. The formula is designed to help relieve fussiness and gas while ensuring your baby receives the good nutrition he or she needs.Gentlease has approximately 1/5 the lactose of a full-lactose, routine milk-based formula, helping relieve fussiness and gas.About Enfamil: Inspired by MomWith over a century of innovation behind it, Mead Johnson strives to be the world's leading provider of science-based pediatric nutrition products. They are dedicated to helping provide infants and children with the best start in life.Over the years, Mead Johnson has produced an impressive array of infant formula, vitamin, and specialty nutritional innovations including Enfamil, their leading product today.What's in the BoxEnfamil Gentlease 12.4-Ounce Powder.Information current as of March 9, 2012.
    Enfamil LogoMead Johnson is proud to have a full line of infant formulas to meet the needs of babies
    For Newborns For Most Infants For Fussiness and Gas
    Enfamil PREMIUM NewbornEnfamil PREMIUM Newborn Enfamil PREMIUM InfantEnfamil PREMIUM Infant Enfamil GentleaseEnfamil Gentlease
    For Cow's Milk Allergy For Spit Up For Soy Preference
    Nutramigen with Enflora LGGNutramigen with Enflora LGG Enfamil A.R.Enfamil A.R. Enfamil ProSobeeEnfamil ProSobee
    For Toddlers
    Enfagrow PREMIUM ToddlerFor Most ToddlersEnfagrow PREMIUM Toddler Enfagrow GentleaseFor Fussiness and GasEnfagrow Gentlease Enfagrow SoyFor Soy PreferenceEnfagrow Soy Enfagrow PREMIUM VanillaFor Older ToddlersEnfagrow PREMIUM Vanilla
    Enfamil Gentlease Lipil has a unique design for babies with fussiness or gas. It is an easy-to-digest formula that contains partially broken down whey and casein milk proteins (proteins found in breast milk) and reduced lactose (about 1/4 the lactose of a full-lactose, routine, milk based formula). Lipil is a blend of DHA and ARA, important nutrients also found in breast milk that promote brain and eye development.

    ^ Enfamil, Enfamil. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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