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Vitamix Drive Socket Kit

UPC 252121000920
REGISTERED: 03/20/18
UPDATED: 03/20/18
Vitamix Drive Socket Kit
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Vitamix Drive Socket Kit

  • Vitamix Drive Socket Kit available on February 17 2016 from Amazon for 9.73
  • UPC bar code 252121000920 ξ1 registered February 17 2016
  • Product category is Home Blender
  • Manufacturered by Vitamix
  • 891

  • Product color is Metal

  • Product weight is 0.016 lbs.
Check the condition of your socket drive every 3-4 months Make sure the teeth are sharp and in good working order Kit includes instructions Allen wrench included Replacement drive socket kit.

    ^ Vitamix Drive Socket Kit, Vitamix. Amazon. (revised Feb 2016)

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   We have an old Vitamix blender in our Mexican restaurant that recently started acting up. Generally, our first instinct is to replace these sort of "broken" appliances, but I've been on a DIY/Fixing things kick lately, so I took a look to see what I could do. I saw the old drive socket's "teeth" had just worn down and googled the part. Sure enough, here it was on Amazon, and the piece seemed easy to replace. Once received, ..
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