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hack, Part 1: Infection

EAN 2000009339291
REGISTERED: 10/06/18
UPDATED: 08/03/20
.hack, Part 1: Infection

.hack, Part 1: Infection

  • .hack, Part 1: Infection available on August 20 2018 from Amazon for 27.99
  • EAN bar code 2000009339291 ξ1 registered February 13 2015
  • Product category is Software Game
  • Manufacturered by Bandai

  • Product weight is 0.38 lbs.
It's the year 2010, and the most popular game ever is the World, a massive action/RPG game that connects people around the planet. When the newbie named Kite sees his friend Orca killed in the game, he finds Orca is left in a coma in the real world. Kite digs deep into The World to discover the reason why. Join up with a small group of hackers who are fighting to solve the mystery of The World Enter the real world and explore the mystery via message boards, e-mails, and online updates Once you've found the clues you need, you'll be able to explore The World more thoroughly -- killing monsters, exploring dungeons, and trying to keep an eye out for virtual strangeness Comes with a 30 minute anime DVD disc which details the events happening in the real world as people react to the video game coma phenomenon, adding true depth to the story. In .hack you will explore the not-so-distant future of online gaming. Two best friends get involved in an online game called The World. An unknown and mysterious online monster attacks both Kite and Orca and leaves Orca fighting for his life in a coma. Kite resolves to save his friend by continuing to play the game and getting to the bottom of the power that has put his friend in danger. A 14-year-old boy named Kite is invited by his schoolmate Orca to play the online game The World. While playing the game, both Kite and his friend are attacked by an unknown monster. As a result, Orca becomes comatose in the real world. Despite his friend's condition, Kite continues to play, believing he’ll find a way to revive Orca. While playing The World, Kite accepts the Twilight from Aura, a mysterious girl in white. Kite is transformed into an Outlaw player within the game, wielding the very same power responsible for Orca’s condition.

    ^ .hack, Part 1: Infection, Bandai. Amazon. (revised Aug 2018)

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   I normally don't do many reviews, but those posted here about this game so far don't really do it justice.Dot Hack is the newest installment of the next generation of RPGs: live-action combat sequences, intricate plots, and complicated gameplay. You take the role of Kite, an eigth grade boy trying to discover why the online game "The World" caused his friend, Orca, to go into a coma. Split between the gaming world and "the real world" (which is represented by Kite'..
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