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Collective Minds Mindforce Rapid Fire Prestige Edition Controller

UPC 183654000456
REGISTERED: 04/11/18
UPDATED: 07/23/19
Collective Minds Mindforce Rapid Fire Prestige Edition Controller

Collective Minds Mindforce Rapid Fire Prestige Edition Controller

  • Collective Minds Mindforce Rapid Fire Prestige Edition Controller available on May 10 2016 from Amazon for 29.99
  • UPC bar code 183654000456 ξ1 registered May 10 2016
  • Product category is Video
  • Manufacturered by Collective Minds
  • CM00145

  • Product color is black

  • Product weight is 1.05 lbs.
RAPID FIRE: Make semi automatic weapons automatic. 10 memory locations to save your favorite settings, plus two dedicated akimbo configurations. The rapid fire button allows you to quickly toggle rapid fire on and off. LED Display: MINDFORCE patent pending display technology allows players to visually adjust shots per second in real time. Fine tune your fire rate in game to maximize damage. SHOT PER SEC: Unlike other rapid fire controllers the MINDFORCE 360 allows for customized fire rates of up to 99.9 shots per second. 999 different fire rates!! Custom function dedicated buttons including Active Reload, Barrage (underneath), Quick Scope (underneath), and Drop Shot LED BACKLIGHTING: No more playing in the dark. Strategically placed LED's illuminate the MINDFORCE 360 for your gaming pleasure! Mind force 360 controllers are engineered with the gaming enthusiast in mind. Finely tuned to satisfy the most demanding players. Tru-grip joystick pads feature a soft surface to reduce thumb fatigue while the raised outer ridges prevent slippage. Glide-force triggers are designed to be silky smooth with a gentle curve locking in the players trigger finger. Hyper-sense. Using the legendary ALPS Potentiometer analog joystick as the foundation the controllers are then finely tuned and engineered to be the smoothest and most actuate joysticks available. This reduces the need to increase the sensitivity levels while in the game. Soft Sense surface coating provides a silky smooth feel for hours of gaming pleasure. Textured rubber grips lock your hands in for those marathon gaming sessions. D-pad Plus Tuned to enhanced accuracy and reliability to pull off perfect combos in your favorite fighting game.

    ^ (2015). Collective Minds Mindforce Rapid Fire Prestige Edition Controller, Collective Minds. Amazon. (revised May 2016)

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This will be a review using Call of duty black ops 2. The good points of the controller. The controller has a programmable rapid fire with ability to store your programed setting for faster changing during game play. I found a 12.0-14.0 to work rather well for sniper rifles and fal. But a much lower speed between 3.0-6.0 was required for the m4. Also I found by turning on rapid fire and turning it up it made full autos fire burst. Now the bad stuff. The drop shot w..
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now i purchased this remote which is priced on their web site for 89.99 for 19.99$the remote had issues originally as the other moron review stated, but i did some digging into and found this is due to a detection program used by Microsoft which disables 3rd party remotes of specific natures. if you buy this download the user manual from mindforce and download the wirrelessjoyad updater from mindforce to fix this issue and improve the specs of the remoteFeatures great short th..
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