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Big Butz BBQ Sauce No Butz

UPC 183566000001
REGISTERED: 07/27/18
UPDATED: 07/22/19
Big Butz BBQ Sauce No Butz

Big Butz BBQ Sauce No Butz

  • Big Butz BBQ Sauce No Butz available on January 16 2017 from Amazon for 9.49
  • UPC bar code 183566000001 ξ1 registered January 16 2017
  • Product category is Grocery
  • Manufacturered by Yah Butz In The Woods

"No Butz" sounds like an odd name but, once you taste this sauce, they'll be no buts about it! This is one severely hot and spicy BBQ Sauce. Uses the great flavor of the Original BBQ Sauce and adds the Bhut Jolokia AKA: The Ghost Pepper. The heat plays well with the sweet smoky flavors of the sauce causing people to find it hard to put it down. The sauce has the added benefit of getting hotter as it cooks. This is the flavor of Big Butz BBQ Sauce that everyone in the Big Butz world has been talking about. Big Butz BBQ Sauce No Butz! We were a little scared to try it and related this to Tom at Big Butz and he has this to say, "No need to be scared, it just wants to give you a big old bear hug, from the inside out. Just remember, it gets hotter when you cook it so, you might want to gently wade in at first. Enjoy!" Big Butz was working to make Big Butz BBQ Sauce No Butz hot enough for those people out there who liked it hot and they have succeeded! Using the Bhut Jolokia pepper, which in 2007 the Guinness World Records certified the Bhut Jolokia as the world's hottest chili pepper, 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. Big Butz BBQ Sauce No Butz has a different heat when served cold, but when basted onto your BBQ or warmed up, it ups the heat ante quite a bit! It is suggested that you go easy on using it, as it still has they signature sweet and smokey flavorful profile, with the kick you would expect from a spicy sauce. For those of you who crave the serious heat, this is the one for you! About Big Butz We are a family owned business established in 2000 called Yah Butz in the Woods. We produce and bottle our own special BBQ sauce called Big Butz BBQ Sauce, which took over 7 years to develop the recipe. Finding the exact balance of ingredients to create the ultimate barbecue sauce doesn't happen overnight!

    ^ Big Butz BBQ Sauce No Butz, Yah Butz In The Woods. Amazon. (revised Jan 2017)

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