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TP-Link N150 Wireless Wi-Fi Mini Router with Range Extender/Access Point/TV Adapter Modes (TL-WR710N)

UPC 172304354155
REGISTERED: 06/08/18
UPDATED: 07/08/20
TP-Link N150 Wireless Wi-Fi Mini Router with Range Extender/Access Point/TV Adapter Modes (TL-WR710N)
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TP-Link N150 Wireless Wi-Fi Mini Router with Range Extender/Access Point/TV Adapter Modes (TL-WR710N)

  • TP-Link N150 Wireless Wi-Fi Mini Router with Range Extender/Access Point/TV Adapter Modes (TL-WR710N) available on September 12 2017 from Amazon for 25.00
  • UPC bar code 172304354155 ξ1 registered November 30 2015
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by TP-Link
  • TL-WR710N

  • Product weight is 0.42 lbs.
Multifunctional USB Port for File Sharing and Phone Charging Router, Repeater, Client, AP, Bridge Modes for Different Networking Demands Built-in Power Adapter- No Bulky Power Adapter Needed Portable and Compact-Ideal for Home and Travel Use Simply Plug-in to Connect 150Mbps Wireless N Mini Pocket Router-TL-WR710N The TL-WR710N is designed as an ideal solution to weak Wi-Fi or wired only connection at your home or in a hotel room. With the router plugged in, a secure Wi-Fi hotspot for all your Wi-Fi enabled devices is instantly established. Featuring five operating modes, the device allows you to conveniently connect to the internet in different scenarios. With built-in power adapter, flexible USB port for storage and charging, this compact device is the perfect choice for travelers, students, or anyone else who wants to work or play. Portable and Compact—Made to Move TL-WR710N is small enough to put into your pocket and take on the road to share the Internet. When your hotel only offers a wired network connection, just plug the network cable into the TL-WR710N and enter the default password to enjoy the convenience of wireless networking in your hotel room. Multifunctional USB Port for File Sharing and Charging Equipped with a multifunctional USB 2.0 port, you can share files and media within local networks among your different devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Also, the USB port can provide power supply (up to 5V/1A) to mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, so that you can avoid the trouble of carrying several chargers while travelling. Multiple Operating Modes for Different Scenarios Wireless Router Mode (Default) Connects to a DSL or cable modem and functions as a 150Mpbs Wireless N router. Anywhere a router is needed to connect to a modem and create a wireless internet network. Client Mode (TV/Game Console) Connects to another device via Ethernet cable and acts as an external adaptor to send/receive wireless signal from your wireless network. For your Smart TV, Media Player, game console, or other devices with a built-in Ethernet port. Connect your device to the TL-WR700N to make it Wi-Fi enabled, granting it access to your wireless network. Repeater Mode Receives and broadcasts your existing wireless signal to extend wireless range (the network SSID and password will not change). This mode is especially useful for covering areas that receive little or no wireless signal strength. Use in a large house, office, warehouse or anywhere the existing signal is weak and unstable. Access Point Mode Connect to a wired network and transform wired Internet access into wireless allowing multiple devices/users to share the Internet. Home, office, and places where only wired network is available. LAN parties, meetings and other environments where a temporary wireless network is needed. Hotels where wireless internet or multiple devices are charged for a higher fee. WISP Client Router Mode Connect to an outdoor WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) AP to allow multiple devices/users share the same wireless internet connection. For WISP subscribers, log in to the WISP account to establish a Wi-Fi hotspot through an outdoor WISP AP. Comparison Chart Which TP-LINK Portable Router is Right for You? TL-WR710NShop Now TL-WR700NShop Now
Wireless Speed 150Mbps 150Mbps
Interface 1 10/100Mbps WAN/LAN Port, 1 10/100Mbps LAN Port 1 10/100Mbps WAN/LAN Port 
USB Port for Files Sharing and Charging (Power Supply up to 5V/1A) -
Foldable Plugs
Operation Modes Router, Client, Repeater, Access Point, WISP Client Router Router, Client, Repeater, Access Point, Bridge
Dimensions 3.3 x 3.0 x 1.1 in. (85 x 75 x28 mm) 3.2 x 2.8 x 1.1 in. (81 x 71 x 28mm)
Package Contents 150Mbps Wireless N Mini Procket Router Advanced Edition TL-WR710N Ethernet Cable Quick Installation Guide User Manual Resource CD

    ^ TP-Link N150 Wireless Wi-Fi Mini Router with Range Extender/Access Point/TV Adapter Modes (TL-WR710N), Tp-link. Amazon. (revised Sep 2017)

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Very versatile travel router. When only a wired connection is available, it creates a secured WIFI hotspot. When only a WIFI connection is available it creates a wired connection. The onboard admin software makes it very easy to switch between modes. It is so small that I can pack it along with its USB cable and Ethernet cable into a hard sided glasses case (See photo). if (typeof amznJQ != "undefined") { amznJQ.onReady('..
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I put together a media server for my car with this. Road trips will never be boring again. I plug a little USB 1Tb drive into it. The drive has hundreds of movies on it and thousands of songs. Everyone in the vehicle can stream different movies from the USB drive through this little router simultaneously. This thing is basically the hardware and the software for a pocket, portable media center. This, with a USB drive attached and a tablet for each person conn..
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