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2TB7030 - SteelSeries Rival Optical Mouse

UPC 172304243268
REGISTERED: 07/22/18
UPDATED: 07/30/21
2TB7030 - SteelSeries Rival Optical Mouse

2TB7030 - SteelSeries Rival Optical Mouse

  • 2TB7030 - SteelSeries Rival Optical Mouse available on August 12 2016 from Amazon for 38.99
  • UPC bar code 172304243268 ξ1 registered February 15 2015
  • Product category is Electronic Mouse
  • Manufacturered by Steelseries
  • 62271

  • Product weight is 0.53 lbs.
Number_Of_Total_Buttons - 6 Pointing_Device_Host_Interface - USB Scroller_Type - Scroll Wheel Ergonomic_Fit - Right-handed Only Unmatched Performance We took a look at the landscape of high-performance mice and felt we could do a better job. So we did. The SteelSeries Rival's performance reigns over the competition thanks to a cutting edge sensor, newly developed switches engineered by SteelSeries, and a suite of tweaks to give you the edge over your rivals.Unrivaled Design It has been many years since we last built a right-handed mouse so we feel Rival is long overdue. We went back to the drawing board and built off classic gamer favorites to make this mouse the ultimate solution in ergonomic feel.

    ^ 2TB7030 - SteelSeries Rival Optical Mouse, Steelseries. Amazon. (revised Aug 2016)

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I know that sounds like a stretch, but I've been playing pc games for about 15 years now. 10 of those years were spent on the Counter Strike and Half Life franchises with some various fun shooters in between (Doom, Quake, Day of Defeat, CoD, Battlefield, Titanfall Beta) Over that time I've used Logitech mice: 510, 518, G5, G700s, Razer: Death Adder, Imperator and Imperator2012. Broken most of them to the point of no return, mostly keyswitch death. Pretty great mice, but seriou..
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There is one very specific reason why I love the SteelSeries Rival mouse, and I feel compelled to share it with you all.Before I begin, I must divulge a little history. Now as most of you already know, the microsoft intellimouse explorer 3.0 mouse stopped production at the end of 2012 and was replaced with another mouse called the Microsoft Comfort Mouse, which has a middle click delay bug in the driver which makes it essentially useless to any gamer.It was a huge blow to alot..
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Initially I was surprised at how large the mouse felt as I was used to much smaller mice, but in the end the shape feels very nice in my claw grip. The mouse sensitivity is spot on and I haven't had any issues with tracking. I miss having the side to side movement on my mouse wheel that Logitech mice have, but it's not super important. The placing of the forward and backward buttons are positioned just fine. My biggest issue with the mouse is that the material on the sides has..
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