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Cordless Headset Amplifier

REGISTERED: 03/25/18
UPDATED: 07/08/20
Cordless Headset Amplifier
Plantronics MHA100/ MHA-100 Audio Amplifier adapter for 2.5 mm hands-free head set audio jack triples the audio volume!Plantronics MHA100/ MHA-100 Cell-phone audio amplifier boosts audio up to a very loud 24db! It even helps many hearing impaired folks to hear far better on their compatible cell-phone or home phone! Plantronics MHA100/ MHA-100 helps overcome background noise or poor signal connections common to many working environments. Plantronics MHA100/ MHA-100 Cell-phone Amplifier is ideal for use with the Jabra molded earpieces or headsets which require more audio volume to overcome the increased air space between the transducer and the eardrum. Compatible with most cellular phones that have an 2.5 mm 2 ring 3 conductor earphone jack or audio adapter. Adjusting volume is easy using both the cell-phone and MHA100/ MHA-100 volume controls. Automatically turns on & off by voice. This saves the battery. Includes three AC675 hearing aid batteries with replacement batteries available at department stores & ph Type: Accessories

  • Cordless Headset Amplifier available on April 28 2015 from Newegg for 32.52
  • UPC bar code 017229116863 ξ1 registered April 28 2015
  • Product category is Cordless Headset Amplifier Audio

  • # 9SIA00Y09H6732

    ^ (2012). Cordless Headset Amplifier, Walker Ameriphone. Newegg. (revised Apr 2015)

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