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SilverStone 120mm Fan Filter with Grill FF121 (Black)

UPC 168141422010
REGISTERED: 05/16/19
UPDATED: 08/23/19
SilverStone 120mm Fan Filter with Grill FF121 (Black)

SilverStone 120mm Fan Filter with Grill FF121 (Black)

  • SilverStone 120mm Fan Filter with Grill FF121 (Black) available on August 09 2016 from Amazon for 3.99
  • UPC bar code 168141422010 ξ1 registered August 09 2016
  • Product category is Home Grill
  • Manufacturered by Silverstone
  • FF121B

  • Product color is FF121B

  • Product weight is 1 lbs.
Honeycomb grill increases airflow focus Integrated filter provides class leading dust reduction Compatible with all standard 120mm fans Include 4 screws Finding a quiet and efficient cooling fan is the ultimate goal for every enthusiast. The FF121B is a fan grille designed for easy installation with any 120mm fan. The honeycomb pattern on the grille not only reduces wind shear noise but also channels the airflow into more focused beam. Its integrated filter also provides reduced dust buildup to extend the life cycle of components. All in all, the FF121B is an excellent upgrade for any 120mm fans in your system.

    ^ SilverStone 120mm Fan Filter with Grill FF121 (Black), Silverstone. Amazon. (revised Aug 2016)

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Let me tell you, this product was IMPOSSIBLE to install. I had to laboriously use a box cutter to open the extremely secure Amazon packaging...Then wouldn't you know it...the Silverstone Fan Filter was ENCASED IN PLASTIC! After a grueling 3 seconds removing said plastic, I went about the excruciatingly lengthy install process. Of course Silverstone wasn't even kind enough to include installation instructions, so I winged it. I hovered the fan filter over the fan in..
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   I installed one of these filters on the third intake fan on my Antec 300 case. It's kind of a pain to get into and clean - I was hoping that I could mount it on the outside of my case, but the fan filter doesn't fit. This is the case's failing, not the filter's.The filter itself is simple. It's a plastic rim with a hex-pattern plastic guard. The filter mesh itself is fairly effective at preventing dust from getting in, though I've found that it doesn't ..
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I’ve purchased 4 of these on separate occasions and each one seems to have wavy loose fitting mesh that interferes with the fan if it’s mounted too close. There’s two layers glued together to there’s no way of tightening the mesh or fixing it. Did my best to photograph this. Filters very well despite the poor quality and the magnet has good strength.Follow up: I took a heat gun on the lowest setting and made quick passes over the mesh to fix..
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