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Crystal Case for Wii U

UPC 151903540602
REGISTERED: 11/06/17
UPDATED: 11/27/20
Crystal Case for Wii U
Rank: 38%
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Crystal Case for Wii U

  • Crystal Case for Wii U available on February 04 2015 from Amazon for 9.32
  • UPC bar code 151903540602 ξ1 registered February 04 2015
  • Product category is Software
  • Manufacturered by CTA Digital
  • WI-UCC

  • Product weight is 2 lbs.
Crystal clear scratch resistant and protective case Access and openings for all controls, ports and camera Easy to attach and remove from Wii U GamePad Designed for the Wii U GamePad Wii U GamePad and controllers not included To protect the Nintendo Wii U GamePad from the wear and tear of everyday use, CTA Digital introduces the Crystal Case for Wii U. The protective clear plastic is scratch resistant and will help lessen the impact in the event that the GamePad is dropped. The cover has openings in all the areas that correspond with the screen, controls, ports and camera to allow for easy access. So with CTA Digital's Crystal Case for Wii U, you can freely play games and enjoy the touchscreen without ever having to remove the protective case.

    ^ (2013). Crystal Case for Wii U, Cta Digital. Amazon. (revised Feb 2015)

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