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Cooler Master Comforter - Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion - Black (C-HS02-KA)

UPC 151903023235
REGISTERED: 04/21/18
UPDATED: 03/23/19
Cooler Master Comforter - Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion - Black (C-HS02-KA)

Cooler Master Comforter - Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion - Black (C-HS02-KA)

  • Cooler Master Comforter - Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion - Black (C-HS02-KA) available on March 16 2016 from Amazon for 20.43
  • UPC bar code 151903023235 ξ1 registered December 03 2015
  • Product category is Electronic Laptop
  • Manufacturered by Cooler Master USA, Inc.
  • C-HS02-KA

  • Product color is Black

  • Product weight is 1.85 lbs.
Acts as a chill mat and shields your lap from heat generated by your laptop computer Heavy duty sponge cushion provides a comfortable padded surface for your lap Unique reversible and ergonomic design that is perfect for lap use Concave shape allows great airflow for heat dissipation Grooved storage section for cable management and miscellaneous items; perfect for a student Supports up to 17 inch gaming laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and Ultrabooks, as well as the 15/13-inch Apple MacBook Pro and 11/13-inch Apple MacBook Air Unique shape and light weight make it portable Provides a surface for kids, boys or girls, to use their tablets, iPads, or laptops The Cooler Master Comforter combines both superb ergonomics and friendly design in one. This attractive laptop pad is engineered to provide a comfortable computing experience. With its uniquely curved and angled design, the Cooler Master Comforter can easily be used in three different ways: placed on a table, on a lap while sitting up, or on one’s legs while lounging around. The curve top surface ensures notebook air flow, while the soft underside helps relieve stress when used on the lap. The Cooler Master Laptop Pad is compatible with notebook computers up to 17", and provides a stable surface for users to enjoy their notebook computers. Elegant and effective, simple yet attractive, the Cooler Master Laptop Pad is ideal for users at home to use their notebooks in complete comfort, no matter how they choose to work.

    ^ Cooler Master Comforter - Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion - Black (C-HS02-KA), Cooler Master Usa, Inc.. Amazon. (revised Mar 2016)

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Unbelievable difference in temp!My older HP was getting very hot to the touch on the top and bottom of the processor, my internal fan was running all the time, not any more. My laptop stays on all day, I am an artist and have several programs running at the same time. I use a larger battery so I was concerned about the ergonomic design (elevation), its very comfortable, fits my 15" laptop just perfect. The plastic seems very durable, and I appreciate the aluminium ..
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I have owned before 2 different laptop coolers. The Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE55US, and the Logitech Cooling Pad N100. Neither of those lasted even 6 months before they died. The Targus was big sized, so maybe a lil more ideal for my Dell XPS 1640, and it did live longer than my logitech, but the logitech seemed to cool better than the least for the first 2 weeks. After that, the logitech started slowing down, not cooling as much, and then quit altogether. So I ..
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i have gone through 3 other cooling pads, the coolermaster U2, the thermaltake massive, and this other unbranded one that had 2 big fans, well this looks a lot nicer then the thermal massive one, and it cools a looot better. the way the blue LED's light up the fan looks pretty sexy actually, now it is very big, and it isn't very portable, now if you don't care about looks then get the u2/u3, those fans are actually really strong and are a little more quite then the..
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