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HP's new Smart adapters enable a new level of compatibility across the HP Business Notebook lineup providing a worry free user experience

  • Hp Ed494aa 65 Watts Smart Ac Adapter For Hp Compaq Business Notebooks available on February 18 2018 from TechForLess for 37.97
  • Smart - Power Adapter - 65 Watt available on April 08 2017 from PCMall for 59.0
  • Hewlett Packard Ed494aa#aba Hp Ed494aa 65 Watt Smart Ac Adapter available on October 28 2016 from FactoryOutletStore for 87.95
  • HP ED494AA 65 Watt Smart AC Adapter available on November 06 2014 from Amazon for 7.52
  • UPC bar code 882780004597 ξ2 registered January 03 2018
  • UPC bar code 882780004597 ξ3 registered April 08 2017
  • UPC bar code 882780004597 ξ4 registered October 28 2016
  • UPC bar code 882780004597 ξ1 registered September 18 2014
  • UPC bar code 882780004597 ξ5 registered November 06 2014
  • Product category is ED494AA#ABA HP 0882780004597 Electronic Power
  • Manufacturered by HP
  • ED494AA#ABA
  • 111202-22
  • # ED494AA
  • # 7019773
  • # 111202-22
  • # 3506011

  • Product weight is 0.62 lbs.
HP's Smart adapter option kits include a legacy dongle so that they are backwards compatible with older HP notebooks, providing an unprecedented level of commonality. Customers wanting one common AC adapter for all their HP Business Notebooks and docking stations can use the new HP 65W Smart AC adapter. The HP 65 Watts AC Auto Air Combo Smart Adapter allows you to power and charge your notebook while in the office, at home, or in the car, and offers you the additional capability of powering your notebook on any airplane. The convenient charging switch allows you to toggle between charging and power only voltage levels so you can charge your battery while in the office or in the car, and power while on an aircraft.

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I'm on my way to my third adapter...unless you will be using your laptop on a desk and never move it, this WILL break and it won't take long...I think they were designed to break...
( )
Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

I bought this adapter directly from HP 2 months ago. It has been finicky for the last month, but now has completely quit working. I called HP to have it replaced, but was informed that because it was out of the 21 day warranty that I was out of luck, but they would be happy to sell me another one for $70.If you choose this adapter all I can say is good luck. HP's customer service was completely worthless.
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Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar Blackstar

I should have listened to the other reviews of this product.....I thought I was purchasing "original" equipment (I don't think HP makes the original power cord to my HP Compaq nc6120 at least I haven't found it). This power cord comes in 3 pieces. You have an apdapter plug that actually fits on the end of the power cord and that part goes into you "line in" port. ***It NEVER makes a good connection....let me re-phrase that to "it did at first" but now (4 weeks later) when I plug in the power cord it NEVE..
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