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PNY Attache USB 2.0 Flash Drive, 32GB/ BLACK (P-FD32GATT03-GE)

UPC 086000260644
REGISTERED: 09/15/19
UPDATED: 03/04/21
PNY Attache USB 2.0 Flash Drive, 32GB/ BLACK (P-FD32GATT03-GE)
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PNY Attache USB 2.0 Flash Drive, 32GB/ BLACK (P-FD32GATT03-GE)

  • PNY Attache USB 2.0 Flash Drive, 32GB/ BLACK (P-FD32GATT03-GE) available on August 16 2017 from Amazon for 7.87
  • UPC bar code 086000260644 ξ1 registered November 30 2015
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by PNY
  • P-FD32GATT03-GE

  • Product color is BLACK

  • Product weight is 0.1 lbs.
The durable, light-weight design of the PNY Attaché USB 2.0 Flash Drive is the ultimate mobile storage solution The sliding collar, capless design protects your important content when not in use The included key loop easily attaches to key chains, so important files are never out of reach The 32GB Attaché USB 2.0 Flash Drive can hold approximately 5,632 songs Compatible with most PC and Mac laptop and desktop computers Free technical support PNY - Make Life Simple PNY Attache III 32 GB USB Flash Drive in Laptop The Attaché USB Flash Drives from PNY Technologies are simple and reliable storage solutions for life on the go. Store, transport and share photos, videos, music, documents and more from PC to PC, or connect to your digital picture or printer to view and share your photos. These USB drives work with virtually any computer or electronic device with a USB slot; such as laptops, desktops, tablets, routers & etc.! The portability of a USB flash drive lets you leave your laptop at home, but still take your digital content with you to share with family and friends. Whether you need to transport your latest music downloads, vacation photos and videos, important family events or your school homework; you can rely on the PNY Attaché USB Flash Drives. Simple Form & High Capacity Storage With no caps to lose, you'll love the modern look of the PNY Attaché. Instead of using a traditional cap to cover the USB connector, the drive has a sliding collar that easily glides open and closed. Simply push back the sliding collar and insert the connector into your computer's USB port to transfer files to and from your computer. The PNY Attaché is sleek and durable; small enough to slip in your pocket, purse, briefcase & etc. From the classroom to the boardroom, it's a durable and attractive electronic accessory. It's lightweight and small in size, but big in capacity. Rest assured all your content will be safely secured on the PNY Attaché flash drive, which offers capacities up to 128GB. The Attaché USB flash drive is perfect for storing large files such as, movies, videos and music. Imagine this: with a 128GB Attaché USB flash drive you could be carrying 45K * photos in the palm of your hand! System Requirements Compatible with Windows (Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP), Mac (OS X), and Linux systems. Flash Memory Capacity Chart What Can I Store? 128GB* 64GB* 32GB* 16GB* 8GB*
Photos**14MP 32,518 16,529 8,129 4,064 2,371
Video - Hours*** 704x460 pixels, 5Mbps, 30fps 289.1 144.5 72.3 36.1 18.1
HD Video - Mins*** Standard HD at 9Mbps 1,754 877 438 219 109
Songs**** at 5.0MB 23,681 11,840 5,920 2,960 1,480
* Please note: For Flash Media Devices, 1 megabyte = 1 million bytes; 1 gigabyte = 1 billion bytes. Actual useable capacity may vary. Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions, and thus is not available for data storage. ** Number of photos may vary by camera setting and camera manufacturer. *** Actual minutes of video may vary by camera setting and camera manufacturer. **** Actual number of songs may vary based on file format, compression settings, and song length.

    ^ PNY Attache USB 2.0 Flash Drive, 32GB/ BLACK (P-FD32GATT03-GE), Pny. Amazon. (revised Aug 2017)

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   I am a bit old-fashion when it comes to some things. One of them is that I prefer to back-up my computer at home - on a physical device- rather than in 'the cloud.' With the purchase of a new laptop, I decided to try using a thumb-drive for regular backups. It works perfectly!After formatting it, I began using it weekly to back-up new docs, photos, videos, etc. So far, no problems.With this much space (128gb), I expect it will easily hold everything on..
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Hey Amazon USB Seekers!!! Just got this in and have been using it for a few weeks. I love it, small and has enough room to transfer my files from one place to the other with NO ISSUES! Quality and build seem to be GREAT compared to my "WELL KNOWN BRAND" I bought at Walmart!!! You cant beat this for the price and the fact that its a Prime Product makes it so much more worth it!!!! Buy you cant go wrong with this little monster!
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I bought this for my Wii U to store Xenoblade Chronicles X. It has been working wonders for me so far! The game has been running without issues, no save corruptions, and I have plenty of space left still! It is nice and small and it blends in well with my black wii u as well. if (typeof amznJQ != "undefined") { amznJQ.onReady('jQuery', function() { amznJQ.available('popover', function() { v..
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