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Korg: DS-10 Synthesizer (Nintendo DS, 2008)

EAN 0853466001117
REGISTERED: 08/07/18
UPDATED: 02/17/19
KORG DS-10 Synthesizer

KORG DS-10 Synthesizer

  • KORG DS-10 Synthesizer available on March 26 2016 from Amazon for 19.99
  • UPC bar code 853466001117 ξ2 registered November 18 2014
  • UPC bar code 853466001117 ξ1 registered November 10 2015
  • Product category is Audio Sound
  • Manufacturered by Xseed
  • 80811

  • Product weight is 0.25 lbs.
World's first music tool software created for the Nintendo DS Two patchable dual-oscillator analog synth simulators with a four-part drum machine Six-track, 16-step sequencer with delay, chorus, and flanger sound effects available from the mixing board Three note-entry modes: Touch Screen control with real-time sound control, keyboard screen, and matrix screen Exchange sounds and songs and play multiple units simultaneously through a wireless communications link The KORG DS-10 is music-creation software for the Nintendo DS that combines the superior interface of the Nintendo DS with the functionality of the famous MS-10 synthesizer. The sound sources in the KORG DS-10 come from KORG - one of the world's top musical instrument producers - and no effort was spared in creating these ultra-high-quality sounds. The Nintendo DS Touch Screen controls are used to the fullest to provide unsurpassed feel and operability. This innovative musical tool is perfect for aspiring musicians and professionals alike.In addition to the two analog synth simulators and drum module, a 6-track/16-step sequencer enables precise control and provides a wide range of musical possibilities. Up to eight units can be connected and played together through a wireless link, and this and other features make the Nintendo DS and KORG DS-10 almost limitless in their application - they can take you places that no single synthesizer can. Whether you are just looking for fun on the run, or a way to work out your next hit song, the KORG DS-10 Synthesizer for Nintendo DS could be your newest best companion. The DS-10 combines the superior interface of the Nintendo DS with the design concept of the famous KORG MS-10 synthesizer to bring you portable music-creation software without rival.
KORG DS-10 Synthesizer brings portable music creation to the Nintendo DS.
Various sound textures are made possible by implementing the two VCO's, three filter types, and more.
Notes that you perform can be recorded in the sequencer, allowing for further editing.
A Professional-Grade Synthesizer in the Palm of Your Hand The ultra high-quality sound sources for the DS-10 come from KORG, maker of some of the world's finest musical instruments. Korg spared no effort in creating this ultra-portable yet powerful and easy-to-use music software with tons of the latest features-- and all with the unique accessibility of the Nintendo DS touch screen. The KORG DS-10 Synthesizer gives you the choice of sculpting your own unique sounds with expansive on-screen controls, or starting from a preset template. With two dual oscillator synth parts and four synth/drum parts, users can create synth and drum lines using the on-screen touch keyboard and drum pads, or engage the elegant six-track, 16-step sequencer. With powerful features such as KORG's KAOSS technology, users can add custom modulations in real-time, tighten the mix with a full-featured mixer, polish their grooves with multiple effects, and create complete songs that they can save on the spot. The DS-10 features a chorus, flanger, and delay parameter that can be applied individually to each synth or the drum machine, either individually or as a whole. In addition, each of the editable drum sounds can have a separate effect added to it. Various sound textures are made possible by implementing the two VCO's, three filter types, and more, while notes can be recorded in the sequencer, allowing for further editing. This broad functionality, combined with patching functionality, makes the DS-10 suited to even the most avid sound designers. Intuitive and Easy Use The sounds made by each of the two analogue synthesizer emulators are modified using virtual knobs, and users can patch particular parameters for further modification. The user interface is mainly through the DS's touch screen. Notes can be played using a two-octave keyboard, or through an interface that detects the X and Y position of the stylus on the touch pad, simulating a KORG KAOSS Pad. The Nintendo DS's dual-screen touch panel is used to the fullest to provide a feel and operability that is unsurpassed. Although there are many expert-level features available with synthesizer, the DS-10 can be appreciated by the complete novice as well as the seasoned professional. Music Without Limits The KORG DS-10 Synthesizer offers two types of wireless play in Multi-player and Data Exchange modes. Up to eight separate Nintendo DS players can connect via a wireless link to perform as an ensemble. Each DS-10 synthesizer can be played as its own independent instrument, or they can be assigned a part to create a band, allowing for virtually limitless applications. What's more, users who have created new riffs, tunes, or complete songs can exchange their session data with other KORG DS-10 users. It is even possible to send session data in advance to your friends, so you can all play to the same tune. Not only does the DS-10 bring stylus music to the world for the first time, but this robust connectivity allows for performances and compositions that simply aren't possible on a single Nintendo DS.
The keyboard and KAOSS pad can be played directly with a stylus.

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   Wow. I was expecting this to be a lot simpler than it turns out to be. It's almost like a tiny pocket-sized version of Propellerhead's Reason software. Obviously it's very limited by the DS hardware, but if you like messing around with music and music software then you can have hours of fun with this.You get two monophonic synths with their own sequencer tracks for note/gate/pan/volume, plus a couple more tracks that can be assigned to modulate a lon..
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