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Lowrance Sd/45xg(lowrance) Xl9 45xg - Skagerrak - Kattegat

EAN 0821245045508
REGISTERED: 04/17/18
UPDATED: 04/19/18
Lowrance Sd/45xg(lowrance) Xl9 45xg - Skagerrak - Kattegat

"Navionics XL9 45XG - Skagerrak - Kattegat Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, Product # 45XG/MSD (SD Card) The Navionics XL9 45XG 2-dimensional Gold marine charts contains information of Skagerrak and Kattegat including Denmark to Germany

  • Lowrance Sd/45xg(lowrance) Xl9 45xg - Skagerrak - Kattegat available on May 24 2016 from FactoryOutletStore for 284.95
  • UPC bar code 821245045508 ξ1 registered April 16 2014
  • Product category is Electronic

Norway from Flekkefjord to Oland south in Sweden, Skagerrak, Oslo, Copenhagen, Goteborg, Bornholm, Sjaelland, Lolland, Fyn and German Lakes. The Navionics Gold chart provides navigators and fisherman with all the necessary data for safer and easier navigation. The XL9 45XG Gold feature a paper chart appearance with user-selectable shaded depth contours, real-world shapes and colors of buoys, coloured light sectors, navaids w/XPlain. It gives access to all the essential information found on official paper charts and fishing maps like tide and current data, depth contours, spot soundings, navaids, location names, detailed port plans, port service guides, and more. XL9 45XG Features: Skagerrak & Kattegat Marine Chart, Covers Skagerrak & Kattegat Including Denmark To Germany, Flekkefjord To Oland south In Sweden, Paper Chart-Like Detail, Full Seamless Technology, XL9 Coverage Size, User-Selectable Safety Depth Contours, Navaids w/ Xplain&trade, Major Coastal Road Networks, Tides & Currents, Coloured Light Sectors, Real-World Shapes & Colors of Buoys, Enhanced Port Services, Turboview & NavPlanner Compatible, For Lowrance Models : Elite Series: Elite 5 / 5m, Endura Series: Endura Outback, Endura Safari, Endura Sierra, AirMap Series: AirMap 600, GlobalMap Series: GlobalMap 3300c, GlobalMap 3500c, GlobalMap 3600c iGPS, GlobalMap 5150c, GlobalMap 5200c, GlobalMap 5300c iGPS, GlobalMap 5500c, GlobalMap 6500c, GlobalMap 6600c hd, GlobalMap 7000c, GlobalMap 7200c, GlobalMap 7300c hd, GlobalMap 7500c, GlobalMap 7600c hd, GlobalMap 8200c, GlobalMap 8300c, GlobalMap 9200c, GlobalMap 9300c hd, GlobalMap Baja 480c, GlobalMap Baja 540c, GlobalMap Baja 840c, HDS Series: HDS-10 / HDS-10m, HDS-5 / HDS-5 Baja / HDS-5m, HDS-7 / HDS-7m, HDS-8 / HDS-8m, iFINDER Series: iFINDER Expedition c, iFINDER H2O c, iFINDER Hunt c, LCX Series: LCX 104c, LCX 110c, LCX 111c hd, LCX 112c, LCX 113c hd, LCX 20c, LCX 25c, LCX 26c hd, LCX 27c, LCX 28c hd, LCX 37c, LCX 38c hd, LMS Series: LMS 330c, LMS 332c, LMS 334c iGPS, LMS 335c df, LMS 337c df, LMS 339c df iGPS, LMS 520c, LMS 522c Ice Machine, LMS 522c iGPS, LMS 525c df, LMS 527c df iGPS, XOG Series: XOG Crossover"

    ^ Lowrance Sd/45xg(lowrance) Xl9 45xg - Skagerrak - Kattegat, Lowrance. FactoryOutletStore. (revised May 2016)

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