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BladesUSA MC-117 Spike Bracelet, 4.5-Inch

EAN 0805319052982
REGISTERED: 11/09/17
UPDATED: 06/13/21
BladesUSA MC-117 Spike Bracelet, 4.5-Inch
BladesUSA MC-117 Spike Bracelet, 4.5-Inch

  • BladesUSA MC-117 Spike Bracelet, 4.5-Inch available on April 06 2015 from Amazon for 11.99
  • UPC bar code 805319052982 ξ1 registered April 06 2015
  • Product category is Home Antique
  • Manufacturered by Master Cutlery Inc.
  • MC-117

Spike Bracelet 4.5" Spike Size Brown Leather Wrist Strap 3 Antique Brass Button 3 Piece Spikes This Triple Spike Bracelet has the look of a classic ninja accessory, featuring a trio of spikes stored on a leather bracelet for easy retrieval, ensuring that when you need them, you can fetch then quickly for a variety of different uses. Each of the spikes is simple in design, consisting of a ring attached to a triangular spike that possesses three engraved bars on each side of the spike. The spikes can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from punch spikes worn on the fingers to climbing spikes. They could even function as rudimentary pitons when climbing, assuming you don't plan on putting a lot of weight or stress on them (don't attempt to scale tall surfaces without proper training or supervision.). Included with the metal spikes is a brown leather wrist strap that secures via a Velcro patch, while a band and an antique brass snap secures the spikes into the wrist band. Each of the spikes measures approximately 4.5 inches long. The Triple Spike Bracelet is a great accessory to use for completing a wide assortment of different looks, ranging from ninjas to rogues to thieves to assassins and more, all of whom could put these novel little spikes to use in a variety of LARP or roleplaying situations.

    ^ BladesUSA MC-117 Spike Bracelet, 4.5-Inch, Master Cutlery Inc.. Amazon. (revised Apr 2015)

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